I tried to cook various dishes with "cucumber ice, onion ice, pumpkin ice" that crushed vegetables into cube-shaped ice

With Famima dot comHatsune Miku's Bini UmbrellaAs I was worried about "What is this?" When purchasing, I made ice cream paste like "Ephemeral ice", Also"Onions Ice"Pumpkin iceI decided to buy and use it for cooking.

Enoki ice 12 cubes × 3 packs [Frozen]: Food · Liquor - famima.com

Onion ice 12 cubes × 3 packs [Frozen]: Food · Liquor - famima.com

Pumpkin ice 12 cubes × 3 packs [Frozen]: Food · Liquor - famima.com

Package is simple like this.

I type like an ice making machine in a household freezer.

Eagle ice is printed in yellow in red package and Eike ice.

For some reason the package contains how to make Egaki ice. Anyone who wrote such a thing will feel like I will not buy this Enoki Ice from the next time, but it is troublesome and it takes time and labor to make it! It is more important to show that.

It is good to use for rice, curry, egg baked, miso soup, tempura etc.

Enokitake is confirmed as raw material, it is natural, but there is considerable expiration date, long-lasting.

It is like this when taking out from the package.

If you do not know anything, it looks like brown ice as if you had frozen the mud.

So from here you actually use Ekoi iceSakura rice cooked riceI will try to make it. Materials are 2 rice, water 370 cc, cherry blossoms 7 - 10 grams · 1 tablespoon soy sauce · a tablespoon of sake · 1 teaspoonful of salt · mirin as you like.

After sharpening the rice cherry blossoms

Seasoning liquid mixed with soy sauce and sake

Put the enoki ice on the cheek.

Energy Since the ice melts, the amount of water is slightly less than 2.

Push the cooking button and wait for about 1 hour.

Approximately 1 hour after cooking, there is no form of paste-like boiled egg.

Complete after stirring.

The fragrance of Sakhawayi is stronger than the scent of enoki. I will eat it at once.

The taste is slightly thin and the fragrance of the shrimp spreads in the mouth, and I do not feel the taste of the enamel. If you would like to finish cooking rice cakes, it is better to increase the amount of ice cubes and reduce the shrimp. Also, since there is not much peculiarity in taste, it may be good to put it in everyday rice to take vegetables.

Next challenge on onion ice. The package is pink and develops recipes of various Onion dishesShoko MurakamiInvented and supervised.

"Onion" can be confirmed as raw material, and proportionally, water content is about 17% against onion 83%.

When opening it spreads the scent of onions.

It looks a little like Eike ice, but onion ice is slightly darker in color.

I tried to make dressing with onion ice. Onions Ice 150 grams · 2 tablespoons vinegar · 2 tablespoons of mirin · 1 tablespoon of olive oil · salt 1 knob · pepper appropriate amount · put down grated garlic with your preference.

Mix vinegar · mirin · olive oil · salt · pepper.

Next melt the onion ice. If you want to leave a texture of ice, heat it at 800 W for about 30 seconds, if you do not want to leave a texture of ice, heat it for about 1 minute.

When heating it at 800 W for about 40 seconds it looks like this. If you want to make it as shabby as the texture of ice remains, this heating time is recommended.

Mix soaked ice chunks with a spoon.

When it became a paste form, it was added to the seasoning liquid mixed with the previous vinegar and mirin.

When it is completed, it looks like this. It seems quite full-scale dressing.

Salad through ... ....

Completion Although it does not change much, I try to eat it.

There is sweetness onions, dressing centering on the taste of onions. If you leave a texture of ice, it will be cool and cold for summer. Only onion ice moisture is too much or the taste is diluted, so need to change more using condiments and change more to your liking ant. Even in the very difficult business to thin the thick taste, it is easy to thicken the light taste, so this is no problem with this.

The last is pumpkin ice. Yellow and green pumpkin color.

Raw materials Squash (pumpkin) can be confirmed, and 95% of the ice is made of pumpkin.

Moisture ice · Onion It is considerably less moist than ice.

Firmly the color of pumpkin.

I will try pumpkin ice like a syrup of shaved ice. Ice · Red bean · Pumpkin ice and shaker ice machine and instrument are prepared.

First set ice on the Shaker ice machine.

I scratch the ice.

Shrimp of a tasteless plane is completed.

In the same way put pumpkin ice into the shaker ice machine.

When you scrape pumpkin ice, you can cut it with the same feeling as ice.

Since pumpkin alone lacks sweetness, I put azuki bean.

It looks pretty beautiful. I will eat it.

Good combination of pumpkin taste and azuki beans. I do not feel too much to eat vegetables, so it seems that children who do not like pumpkin are willing to eat. It seems to be okay to put on condensed milk as it makes it more shaked ice.

In addition, when eating alone with pumpkin ice, it has less sweetness and moisture and it is hard to eat so it is not recommended to eat as it is except for the unprecedented pumpkin love.

The price is Enoki ice cubed 3 pack set 350 grams, 1490 yen including tax, 3 pack set of 350 grams onions ice, 1590 yen including tax, 350 yen pumpkin iced in 3 pack set including tax It is 1680 yen. Because it is a material with less habit other than pumpkin, it seems easy to use even if it is put in rice or miso soup, and the application should be quite useful.

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