Cloud service Benchmark Amazon AWS EC 2 · Linode · DigitalOcean and compare performance

ByCiprian Popescu

Amazon's cloud serviceAmazon AWS EC 2We are using benchmark test and announced the results on how to compare users who were dissatisfied with speed in comparison with other cloud services of other companies.

Amazon AWS EC 2 vs Linode vs Digitalocean: Cloudserver showdown | Cosninix

It was Ronald van Woensel who conducted the test. Comparison partners use 8 core CPUs for services with almost the same price range, 20 dollars a month (about 2000 yen)Linode's 1GB plan, Also has a high-speed SSD at 20 dollars a monthDigitalOceanchoose. By the way, what Woensel currently uses isAmazon EC 2 Reserved InstanceSmall in standard reserved instances in "Severely Used Reserved Instances".

The basic performance of each is like this.

◆ Amazon AWS EC 2
Memory: 1.7 GB
CPU: 1 core
Capacity (local instance storage): 160 GB (Data that is not included in the boot image will be lost when the instance fails, so you need to add Amazon Elastic Block Store for long term storage)
Capacity (Amazon Elastic Block Store): $ 0.10 per 1 GB (about 10 yen) with a maximum capacity of 1 TB
Forwarding fee: Receiving is free, transmission is free for the first 1 GB and thereafter $ 0.12 per 1 GB (about 12 yen)

◆ Linode
Memory: 1 GB
CPU: 8 cores
Capacity (RAID storage): 24 GB
Transfer fee: Free up to 2 TB

◆ DigitalOcean
Memory: 2 GB
CPU: 2 Cores
Capacity (SSD): 40 GB
Transfer fee: Up to 3 TB, every subsequent 1 GB to $ 0.02 (about 2 yen)

Amazon AWS EC 2 requires about 240 dollars (about 24,000 yen) separately when sending 2 TB, and it is set for a slightly higher transfer charge than the other two.

Amazon AWS EC 2 uses Amazon Linux (Fedora style distro), Linode and Digitalocean use Centos 6.4, Apache 2.2.x · PHP 5.3.x · From MySQL environmentAB (Apache Bench)It was done using.

Mr. Woensel performed the work of calling the PHP page displaying the calendar event and enforced several A / B tests. Also, the A / B test was done from an independent server, and the contents are as follows.

1, Send request until reaching 100 requests with 10 simultaneous connections
2, Send request until reaching 500 requests with 10 simultaneous connections
3, Send request until reaching 100 requests with 20 simultaneous connections
4 Send request until 2 requests are reached with two simultaneous connections 40 on two different machines

The test results are as follows, Amazon AWS EC 2's 4.5 requests per second are as slow as 1/15 of Linode, DigitalOcean could only record about half the speed of Linode despite the high-speed SSD , Yet it is 6 times faster than Amazon AWS EC 2. After all, the result that Linode having the 8 core server is the most excellent in performance has come out.

Based on the results of this benchmark test, Woensel currently using Amazon AWS EC 2 will reconsider which cloud service to use.

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