Are big clouds like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft really worth paying?



Amazon has the largest market share as a cloud service company in 2019. However, software engineer Cal Patterson said, `` Many people, especially large companies, are convinced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is of great value and will not try to consider alternatives. However, personally, I don't think that the virtual machines and object storage provided by Amazon provide excellent value, 'he actually compared the virtual machines and object storage of each company. Is.

The Amazon Premium

Patterson compared six companies: Amazon, Google, Microsoft (Azure), DigitalOcean, Linode, and OVH. All comparisons are based on the price of services offered in Western Europe.

◆ Virtual machine
The following table shows the monthly cost calculated for virtual machines. Virtual machines have different services provided by different companies, but based on x86, we compare services that are close to 8 GB RAM, 100 GB of local disk, and 2 CPU cores. Amazon is about $ 71 a month (about 7700 yen), of which $ 11 (about 1200 yen) is the price of EBS . Google is $ 66 a month (about 7200 yen), of which $ 4 (about 430 yen) is disk storage. Similarly, Microsoft Azure is about $ 6 (about 650 yen) out of $ 93 per month (about 10,200 yen), Digital Ocean is about $ 7.5 (about 820 yen) out of $ 48 per month (about 5,300 yen), OVH is About 2 euros (about 240 yen) out of $ 27 per month (about 3000 yen) is the price of disk storage. Linode was about $ 40.

The services that Patterson used for comparison are as follows:
Amazon: '

Amazon EC2' on demand 'pricing ' ' Amazon EBS '
Google: ' Belgium region, monthly pricing ' ' Standard Storage '
Azure: ' Linux Virtual Machines Pricing ' ' S10 managed disk '
DigitalOcean: ' Standard offer '
Linode: ' Standard offer '
OVH: ' German region Price ' 'Classic' block storage

◆ File storage
The following table shows the amount of file storage per terabyte per month and the amount per gigabyte for file storage. The amount of 1 terabyte per month is about 23 dollars (about 2500 yen) for AmazonGoogle, about 20 dollars (about 2200 yen) for MicrosoftDigitalOceanLinode, about 11 dollars (about 1200 yen) for OVH Is.

The services that Patterson used for comparison are:
Amazon: '

S3 Standard, Ireland region '
Google: ' Standard storage, Frankfurt region '
Azure: LRS storage, West Europe region
DigitalOcean: ' Standard offer '
Linode: ' Standard offer '
OVH: ' Storage replicated x3 '

From the comparison above, the major providers Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure tend to be quite expensive. Linode and DigitalOcean, on the other hand, cost about $ 40 / month, offering four cores instead of two, and SSD disks instead of HDDs. Larger cloud providers tend to negotiate lower prices for large customers, so the smaller virtual machines compared above have noticeably higher Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure prices You.

Patterson says he doesn't use Microsoft Azure or AWS much for large projects. Also, when Mr. Patterson used Google Cloud Platform, when a problem occurred and used customer support, the quality of service was felt low such as the corresponding agent was frequently switched and turned around, `` Google customer It reflects our reputation for poor service. ' Mr. Patterson himself used DigitalOcean at the time of writing the article and said, 'I think that support for DigitalOcean is acceptable.'

'Small providers don't offer and probably don't provide services as well as AWS, for example, but DigitalOcean and OVH have each assigned important services to provide services appropriate for the management database. The comparison is limited to virtual machines and object storage only, as we consider these two services to be the most competitive because they can be most easily replicated by small competitors. ', Says Patterson.

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According to Patterson, 'A lot of people who use Amazon, Google, and Microsoft cloud services can't understand and use the complicated fee structure of each service.' According to Patterson, many companies are signing a one-year contract, shutting down unused virtual machines, or simply asking for a discount without taking the basic steps.

As companies start adopting proprietary cloud services, more and more companies are using services such as Amazon's Lambda , API Gateway , Cloudwatch , DynamoDB, and SQS, which are more expensive than other virtual machines and object storage. Mr. Patterson anticipates that the amount paid will be more expensive.

'The advantage of cloud services is that you don't have to buy and set up physical machines in advance. But beyond this basic advantage, pricing for major IT providers is terribly complex, and much more. 'The more complicated the pricing structure, the more likely it is that the cloud provider will find costs, such as network output bandwidth, that the buyer did not even think of,' said Patterson. Says.

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