A device that realizes complete VR that allows you to move your body and run throughout the game "Omni"

Block the hearing and vision with a display device worn like a gogglevirtual realityRealizeHead mounted displayThere is a product called, but since the body is in the reality separated from the world of the image, it can not be said that it perfectly feels the world of the image. "Omni" is a device that can walk and run in the world of the game if you move on the foundation with the exclusive shoes, reproducing virtual reality almost perfectly.

Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix - Kickstarter

You can check how the game is actually played using "Omni" from the following movie.

Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix - Kickstarter

I am developing OmniVirtuixJan GOETGELUK, the founder of the company. According to GOETGELUK, "In recent years the technology of virtual reality in games has developed steadily, but there is one thing missing, which is how game players move around virtual world."

GOETGELUK says, "True virtual reality means not mounting a head mounted display and playing a game while using the mouse in front of the PC, but that the player can actually stand and walk in the virtual world It is said.

Omni is a product developed by Mr. GOETGELUK who says that he wishes to raise virtual reality to the next level. Omni is a device that completely connects the player and the world of the game, and it is a mechanism that reflects the movement of the player on the video of the actual game.

OmniOculusGame head mount display developed by "RiftWear it and play. Rift chases the movement of the head of the player and displays the image.

To prevent it from doing intense movements and falling over, the player puts a belt connected to Omni on the waist.

Players enter the ring in the center of Omni and play games.

This is the foundation to measure the movement of the player. Numerous grooves are designed on the foundation and you need to wear special shoes to play the game using "Omni".

Dedicated shoes are made so that they can move smoothly on the base of Omni using the material with low frictional resistance at the bottom.

I use a material with higher friction resistance than the bottom part so that the part on the back of the toes does not slip too much, and there are also projections of anti-slip.

Even when the player stands on the Omni, the protrusions attached to the toes can be fitted in the grooves of the base and play the game without losing sense of stability.

The back of the actual shoes looks like the image below.

The appearance of playing with dedicated shoes is that it is walking on the floor with low frictional resistance while slipping the feet.

Omni weighs 50 kilograms and the base diameter is 122 centimeters.

Parts supporting the waist can be adjusted in the range of 142 to 195 cm in height, so it is possible to play from children over the age of 10 to adults.

Moreover, since it can also remove the top, storage seems not to take up much space.

"Players will be able to enjoy the real freedom in games by playing games with Omni," said WorldViz CEO Andrew Beall.

Omni is adapting to various movements, walking ......

You can run.

Also, you can jump

It can also make special movements such as bending backwards, and it is said that it supports anything if it is a game that moves with a keyboard.

According to Mr. Chris Pirillo, president of Lockergnome who actually played Omni, until now high qualityImmersive gameI never played, I feel like I was part of the game.

Actually playing games using Omni and Rift, the player seems to be as follows.

This is"Fallout: New VegasWhere I am actually playing.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2Try playing like this.

When you actually play the game using Omni and Rift, you can see how the player sees it from the following movie.

Virtuix Omni - Skyrim (Riften) - YouTube

Linus Sebastian of Linus Media says, "Omni is not a device exclusively for gaming, it's hard to do exercise at the same time."

Omni who actually walks and plays the game can display the distance walked during the game and the calories consumed in the video of Rift so that the player can know how much exercise it was while playing the game I will. So, even if you do not play games, you can also enjoy ways to walk in the game.

It was held in Los Angeles in June of 2013E3 2013It seems there was a corner where you can actually experience Omni.

You can see how users actually experience Omni at E3 2013 from the following movies.

Virtuix Omni - E3 Virtual Reality Suite - YouTube

Brian Landwehr, program director of Innovation R & D, said, "While I'm moving around, I did not feel exercise very much, but actually I was pretty much exercising. I think that the feeling of playing games like nature is such an element that every gamer can enjoy, "he says of Omni.

According to Ashley Ruhl, who invested in Omni with Kickstarter, "The sense of shooting the enemy while actually moving around was extremely wonderful."

Listening to the impression that he actually played, he said, "When a gunshot sounds behind, the enemy shoots when actually turning around behind, I felt it really unbelievable," he says with excitement Rama Darbha, Omni's investor.

Although Omni is seeking investment with Kickstarter, at the time of article writing, Omni gathered 94 million dollars (about 93.5 million yen) far exceeding the target amount of 150,000 dollars (about 15.9 million yen), and the user's expectation You can see the height. With a contribution of 429 dollars, you can get the Omni full set with base, shoe pair, belt, tracking hardware, software set, and shipping to Japan requires a separate $ 30 (about 3000 yen). The deadline is 11 o'clock midnight on July 23 in Japan time.

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