Where is UMA (unidentified animal) distributed in the world? Diagram showing that

UMAAlthough it means the unknown animal that may exist and possibly existed and known by rumors or the like but not confirmed biologically, travel agency website trip advisors have found that such UMA is distributed around the world Is it? I will introduce it in infographic. There are UMAs that I have seen somewhere, such as Kappa and Issi in Japan.

World UMA (unidentified animal) Visit the world with info graphics adviser

It is said to live in Scottish Loch NessNessie. It is one of the most famous UMA.

It is frequently featured in these special UMA features and there are sightseeing spots such as Nessie Museum.

It is said to exist in Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima prefectureIssyThere is sighting information around 1960, there is also a theory called huge eel.

Issy was discoveredIkeda lake. The statue was built on the banks of the lake.

YetiIt is said that it is a snowman who lives in the Himalayas, and the boyAshibeAlso a character with a motif has appeared.

Introduction of mountainous ethnic groups of Nepal and climbers' remark collectionPokhara Mountain MuseumThere is also a section of Yeti.

MossmanEye witness testimonies have been received from the moth human being said to have been around in the 1960s.

I am in the USAMusman MuseumProps of sightings and props used in movies are also on exhibition.

Besides this, it is said that there are UMAs around the world. In Europe it is said to inhabit near Norway and Offshore IcelandKraken. It is a monster that looks like a huge octopus.

It is said to live in the Alps mountainsTatzburgh. It is said that it has toxicity.

It is said to live in FranceJebordan's beast. It seems that there are things that resemble wolves and have humbled human beings.

Subsequently the continent of Africa.CongamatoIt is said to be a huge bird called a bat said UMA. It looks like a dinosaur.

Mokhele MubenbeUMA boasts a body length of 5 meters to 10 meters.

There are some UMA in Japan as well. Hiba Gon said to live in Hiroshima. There is also a view that it is a monkey humanoid type or a monkey.

KappaIs a very popular UMA in Japan. It seems to be more in the rainy season.

TsuchinokoAlso.According to WikipediaActually, I like sake.

It is said to live in Sumatra Island, IndonesiaOran Pendek. It is also the title of a novel by the author of Godzilla.

YoWeeIt is said that the legs are quick with UMA transmitted to the local residents Aboriginal in Australia.

Followed by the Americas.OgopogoIs UMA which is supposed to inhabit the Okanagon Lake like Nessie and Ishi.

It is said to live in the Rocky MountainsBigfoot. It is a huge giant about 2 to 3 meters.

Jersey DevilIs a huge bat that is said to live in New Jersey living in a state with a length of 1 meter to 1.8 meters. The northeastern United States has a high incidence of UMA.

Chessy is a sound resembling Nessie, but he lives in Chesapeake Bay. It seems that some experts talk about some mammals.

Loveland Frog is a frogman who is said to live in the state of Ohio in America. It is said that the local police officer saw in the 1970s.

ChupacabraBlood sucking UMA who is supposed to live in South America. It is said that local people are damaged.

MonosMonkey human race living in Venezuela. In recent years it is said that Japanese television stations succeeded in shooting

Finally it is said to live in Argentina's Nauerwah LakeNow Elite. Here is said to be Nessie in South America.

If there are so many UMAs around the world in contemporary times that we have elucidated in science, there is romance.

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