A figure comparing the intensities of the smells of delicious foods around the world numerically

"Natto? Kusaya? What's the best food in the world? It is delicious in the world, but it is tasty! I compared the intensities of foods and their smells numerically", so it's easy for them to taste delicious foods around the world We compare the intensity of the smell of figures by numerical figures.

World's crisp and delicious foods Travel on the world can be seen with Info-graphics

This is the top 5. It is digitized in units called alabaster.

First place is SwedenSurre StrenmingAt 8070 Au

Korea's second placeHuang FaeAt 6230 Au

The third place is New Zealand'sEpicure cheeseAt 1870 Au

Fourth place is Alaska, GreenlandKibiyakAt 1370 Au

And 5th place in Japan · Izu IslandsKusayaIt is 1267 Au in

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