5 kinds of invading organisms giving various damage to the world

It is brought from the area originally inhabited to another area, and it seems that the established species is called "invasive specie". Invasive organisms often affect living organisms originating from the origin, for example, in the case that foreign species such as black bath and bluegill are contributing to the reduction of native species and mongoose introduced for hob extermination is It is becoming a pest that predators rare species of Amamino rabbits.

This time I will introduce things that will drive other species into crisis among such invading creatures.

Details are as follows.
The 5 Worst Invasive Species in the World

Wild pig

Pigs spread all over the world as livestock eat up plants, so they affect other herbivorous animals and ruin the cultivated land to damage millions of dollars annually. In addition, it may cause large damage to the inherent species, for example, in the Santiago Island in the Galapagos Islands, the number of sea turtles dramatically decreases as wild pigs destroy the egg-laying place of sea turtles and eat eggs I have done it.

Rat cat

Rat rats are native to India and spread throughout the world. It caused extinction of numerous birds, plants and small mammals directly and indirectly, causing incredible decrease in sea birds on islands such as Hawaii.

Kawa Hototisugisu (zebra shell)

Various aquatic organisms were transported through ballast water used as a weight of cargo ship, among which zebra shell shells were taken huge from Europe to North America. It is famous for inviting stoppage of operation by blocking intake of power station etc. around the Great Lakes. Originally originated in West Asia, spreading to Europe in the early 1700s, it was thought that in the mid-1980s it was carried to North America by ballast water. In addition to damaging the native species and the food, it also causes trouble on the boat.


The toad that eats most insects native to Central Africa spread to Hawaii, Florida, Australia for the control of pests in sugar cane fields. However, as a toad goes hand in hand with native species and also feeds venom from the back of the head, the predator will die, which is very difficult to control.

European Anabus

European anna rabbitPeter RabbitIt has become a model of, and there is no recognition that it is a harmful beast, but in Australia and New Zealand it is completely treated as a pest. When a man named Thomas · Austin emigrated to Australia in 1859, he seems to have brought 24 rabbits to enjoy hunting on the weekend, which eventually eventually got wild, because there were no natural enemies, it increased number. In addition to causing some mammalian extinctions, it also damages agricultural land and damages millions of dollars annually.

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