"Motes" that you can see information on compact sensors installed such as temperature, humidity, brightness via smartphone

Whether the room in which the baby is laying down is not too dry or too cold, how cool it is after opening and closing the refrigerator, whether the vintage wine has become vinegar in the wine cellar , Whether compost keeps aerobic state, etc. Small wireless sensor group which can check various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and brightness from smartphone, iPad, PC is "Motes"is.

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It was Mr. Mark Nicholas who developed this.

There are plenty of things to worry about such as how many degrees of water temperature in the pool, pet lizards are in a comfortable environment, home garden tomatoes are being frosted, etc. All this is easy You can check on "Motes".

There are various types of Motes such as "Climote" which measures temperature, humidity and illuminance, "Growmote" which measures soil temperature, soil moisture, illuminance, "Thermote" which measures the temperature of the object, via smart device and PC etc You can upload data to cloud service. Data can also be analyzed with a free application.

Each Motes can operate with built-in battery for one year, accumulate information in the built-in memory, and send alerts when the set maximum and minimum thresholds are exceeded. Communication is possible even if you are using Bluetooth for about 30 meters away.

It is also characteristic that Motes is very small in size, so it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand like this.

Temperature / humidity sensor used inside is the size that it seems to be lost if you are on the fingertip.

In the case of gardening, it is OK if Growmote is inserted in the flower bed. It checks the temperature of the soil, humidity and sunshine.

If you paste Climote on the wall of the baby's room, you will be informed immediately when it's too hot or too cold.

The "Securimote" is equipped with an infrared moving body detection sensor and a moving acceleration sensor, and you can check whether someone passes in front of the sensor.

Looking at Motes data from a smartphone will look something like this.

Currently, Motes is seeking investment for commercialization and has reached the target amount already. Climote · Growmote · Thermote · Securimote for $ 39 (about 3700 yen), 2 out of 4 at 75 dollars (about 7100 yen), 4 sets with 99 dollars (about 9,400 yen) or 4 sets from Bluetooth - Mote.cloud bridge connectable to Fi, Motes total of 5 with a combination of 149 dollars (about 14,000 yen), 4 sets of Motes at $ 195 (about 18,500 yen), 4 sets of Motes & mote.cloud bridge, $ 299 (About 23,800 yen) and 10 sets of Motes, 700 dollars (about 63,300 yen), Motes 25 pieces set, Motes 100 piece set with 2750 dollars (about 260,000 yen) can be obtained.

The deadline of investment is local time until July 11th.

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