Eight points for becoming positive thinking


"Plus thinking, which is an important element of happiness, is not a sense of insensitivity to negative things to me, it is a thinking method to capture things in a sound view in oneself, By making corrections, it is possible for anyone to think positive, and to that end decision and consistency are important.Virginia State UniversityLoya · Rohani · Lad, a psychologist, introduces eight important points to become positive thinking.

Roya R. Rad, MA, PsyD: How to Become a Positive Thinker

◆ 1: Change viewpoint when seeing yourself
The first way to become positive thinking is to focus on positive events instead of being caught in negative events. For example, if your work does not progress as you think, you should pay attention to the fact that you do not get frustrated with it, you can have time to work and have the opportunity to improve your situation.

ByPhil Snyder

◆ 2: Change self-evaluation
It is one of the means to become a positive thinking to correct the evaluation to oneself, not to take own action as perfect but to change it to a moderate one. Compare your own weaknesses with the strengths of others, then compare your strengths with others' weaknesses, and compare yourself and others. Many people focus on their strengths over their own weaknesses, but those who are aware of their strengths and at the same time their own weaknesses are making a more healthy self-assessment, Mr. Lad.


◆ 3: Encourage yourself
A person who tends to punish myself more than a reward should correct that custom, RAD. Think carefully how much you've been doing so far, recognize yourself, thinking carefully what you want to be in the future leads to positive thinking.


◆ 4: to draw conclusions with grounds
It is also important to judge things by looking at actual events. For example, do not assume that you are trying to deceive yourself, because the "opponent you are facing" looks like a person who is not good with you, Mr. Lad. It is important to think things carefully by thinking about other factors to see if your assumption has a correct basis.


◆ 5: Do not interpret events arbitrarily
In many cases, the way people speak is determined by the personality, merits and moods of individuals, and in most cases it is not dependent on the opponent. It is not frustrating for waitresses to come late, but there are many other jobs in the waitress, so it may be useless to think that today might have been a bad physical day by chance You can avoid irritation and misunderstanding.

ByEsther Gibbons

◆ 6: I do not think of "either one"
Perfection based dichotomy yields undesirable results. Instead of deciding "This should be done in this way" instead of saying "I support this method, but I think there are ways to do other than this method" It will be born, Rama.

ByThe Wandering Faun

◆ 7: Do not give emotional reasons
People may have "things I do not like" for individuals, but if they do not have any logical reasons they do not like, they should abandon those ideas.

ByDebora Bogaerts

◆ 8: Please challenge the idea of ​​"if ..."
When you encounter too horrible scenes, thinking about the worst scenario and thinking about ways to avoid the worst scenario seems to lead to positive thinking. By assuming the worst, you will be ready for anything, "fear" will not disturb your thoughts.


In addition, Mr. Lad says "Plus thinkers are" better problem solving people ", people who can have better exchanges with other people and be satisfied with their lives."

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