"Whistle" which can be attached to a collar to manage the behavior and health condition of a pet dog at any time with a smartphone

It seems that people of pet dogs are spared time of jerking because they are driven by the desire to return home if they are concerned about when they go out and when traveling, when pet is cheerful. "Whistle"Is a device that will become such a strong ally of their doggies, you can set them on a collar of your dog and track your pet's behavior 24 hours a day, 365 days and manage with smartphones no matter where the owner is. In addition, it is also possible to statistics the data gathered every day to learn the health condition of pet dogs.

Welcome | Whistle

If you look at the movie below you can see how it will feel when you actually use Whistle.

Introducing Whistle - YouTube

How to use Whistle is simple, just wear it on the dog's collar.

Basically, Whistle attached to a collar checks the behavior and health condition of pet dogs 24 hours a day, 365 days, and sends collected data to the Whistle application installed on the smartphone.

Whistle measures the time when a dog walked in the day, the time spent playing, the sleeping time, and also sent to whistle application of smartphone how much time spent with whom. The owner can see the data and know the behavior and health condition of pet dog.

You can set goals such as "Walk for 60 minutes a day" in the Whistle application, and manage the degree of achievement of each day etc.

It is also possible to display on the graph what the pet dog was doing from the beginning of the day to the end.

When a dog performs activities such as walking and playing, it will be on the smartphone from time to timeType of activity · start time · consumption timeWe will send you.

Some features will let you know if the pet dog achieves the set goal or gets suspicious results.

You can also share photos and activities of pet dogs on SNS sites such as Facebook.

You can check the number of achievements and the health condition of the goal by comparing the measurement results for each day on a weekly basis.

In addition, since we can compare the results of each month with the data of the past half year, we can immediately sense if there are unusual movements that can not be seen in the past in the past.

If you get an interesting measurement result, you can share your data with the veterinarian and ask the expert for advice and support the dog at any time, 365 days at any time.

Whistle is waterproofed, the battery lasts about 10 days, weighs about 16 grams. You can charge the battery from PC with USB cable. Currently it is compatible only with Apple terminals, the corresponding models are iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5, iPod Touch (3/4/5 generation). The sales start is around the summer of 2013, and it is currently accepting reservations. One Whistle is $ 99.95 (about 9900 yen), and shipping to Japan is $ 19.99 (about 1980 yen).

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