Which energy-saving browser with the least battery consumption is IE · Chrome · Firefox?


As a result of running various browsers on Windows 8, it became clear that the most energy saving browser is Internet Explorer 10. This is a research institutionFraunhofer InstituteAccording to data investigated, IE seems to have used less energy by 18% compared to Mozilla 's Firefox and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer 10 is the Most Energy Efficient Browser on Windows 8

The three browsers to be surveyed are Google Chrome 26, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 21,
· Browse popular sites in the United States
· Play video content using Adobe Flash
· Play HTML 5 video
something like.

When the test was carried out using the notebook PC, the result was as follows. This is a graph of the electric power used, the lower the numerical value, the more energy saving. IE was lower than Chrome and Firefox in all tests.

This represents energy saving rate, green indicates how much energy saving IE has with Chrome, and orange indicates how much energy saving IE has with Firefox. For example, in Flash playback, IE was 18.6% less energy-saving than Chrome, and HTML 5 video was 17.4% more energy-saving than Firefox.

Although it is hard to understand how exactly it is great if it is only "number 18% energy saving", when all users of Chrome and Firefox use IE 10 on Windows 8, it saves 120 million kWh or more Become. This saved amount is enough to cover the electricity used by one million households in the United States for one year. Given the amount of greenhouse gases, we can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by 85,000 tons, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide reduction obtained by continuing to grow 2.2 million seedlings over 10 years.

In addition, Microsoft is aiming to make IE as fast as possible, since browsers can speed up operation by speeding up and reduce the power consumed.

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