"Electric power map of Japan" which visualized the power supply source of each electric power company and the place of the power plant

Prior to the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the Japanese electric utility company once wrote a web service that "has visualized where" what type of power plant and what power plant was generating electricityPower map of Japan"Spool CorporationHas been released.

The data we are using uses the amount of power generated in the past published at the Federation of Electric Power Companies of the Federation of Electric Power Companies so that we can find out what type of power plant is located in each place and how big it is It is becoming.

Electric power map in Japan (map on map)

There are 10 regional power companies in Japan, Hokkaido Electric Power, Tohoku Electric Power, Hokuriku Electric Power, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Chubu Electric Power Company, Kansai Electric Power Company, Chugoku Electric Power Company, Shikoku Electric Power Company, Kyushu Electric Power Company and Okinawa Electric Power Company. By clicking on each region, you can see the information of individual electric power companies. For example this is TEPCO. The amount of generated electricity in 2010 is 264.07 millionMWh. In terms of type, thermal power is the largest at 64%, nuclear power is 31.8%, hydraulic power is 4.3%, others are 0% (very slight).

Information on individual power plants can also be seen. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which had been damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, stopped generating 4,692,000 KW of electricity.

When scrolling down the page down, the list of the power plants of the power company is gathered together with the prefecture, type, name, maximum output, location.

The highest generation ratio of nuclear power is Shikoku Electric Power. There is Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime prefecture, and 54.8% of the total power generation amount is due to nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile, Okinawa Electric Power has not only a nuclear power plant but also a hydropower station, only a thermal power plant.

Petroleum, coal, gas turbines and fuels are all kinds, but all are thermal power plants.

Aside from this"Major trends in the electric power industry / societyIn the common tab called "Electricity industry and society movement" is summarized. At the latest, on March 26 TEPCO 's Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant 6 ceased due to periodic inspections, all TEPCO nuclear power plants stopped.

The base point of movement is March 11, 2011, from the Great East Japan Earthquake. You can see what kind of news was in the power tangle.

Another common tab "About the type of power generation", The explanation of the main power generation method being done in Japan is published.

Here is the main renewable energy.

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