Approximately 50 tweets of about 50 tweets analyze your personality, if there are 200 tweets, software will be developed that enables higher level analysis

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In the United States, $ 170 billion was spent on advertising using direct mail only in 2012 alone. Also, the person who made the contract from the DM ended up with 3% of the people who received the mail DM, only 0.1% of the people who received the DM of the e-mail, and how the person's personality and hobbies It is difficult to analyze and link it to publicity. However, using the tweet analysis software developed by IBM's research team, we found out the nature of the words used in tweets and it turned out that there was the possibility that it might be a great help for the marketing industry.

Personality, social media and marketing: No hiding place | The Economist

Head a team of IBM's Almaden laboratoryEben · HeyberDr. points out that current marketing problems are analyzing customers using data of demographics and purchasing habits created by the company itself. According to Dr. Haiber, it is better to analyze the character and value of customers using psychology.

Human nature isExtroversion / cooperativeness / diligence / emotional instability / openness to experienceIt is thought in modern psychology that it is made up of five elements: Diplomatic people tend to like Coca - Cola rather than Pepsi, and it has been found in recent surveys that people with cooperativeness tend to like Pepsi from Coke, but personality diagnostic tests are favorably accepted It is very difficult to collect data because it is not one.

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Dr. Haver says that it is now possible to diagnose personality from tweeted words of Twitter users without performing a personality diagnostic test. By using software developed by Dr. Haver and the research team, it is possible to analyze by selecting the words that lead to personal character from the tweets posted on Twitter. This software was announced in 2010 at the University of ColoradoTar · YarconiDr.the studyIt is based on.

Dr. Jarconi's research is to gather 694 bloggers, categorize the words used in each blog, and analyze the frequency of words being used. Furthermore, it was related to the result of analyzed data with the result of character diagnosis test received by blogger beforehand. As a result of the research, the words "bar" "restaurant" "crowd" can be related to outgoingness, and words such as "terrible" "lazy" "depressed" were linked with emotional instability.

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The software developed by Dr. Yarconi's research was analyzed tweets of 90 million Twitter users in the test in 3 months. As a result, rough character analysis is possible with about 50 tweets, 200 t herons It is known that high level personality analysis is possible.

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Currently Dr. Haver's software has been tested by financial services companies and it is likely to be available as a new tool in the marketing industry as it can be sold by the end of 2013.

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