"Porktutta" tasting review using McDonald's Tatsuta's first pig

From May 31 McDonald's will "Pork tattaWe will release.Chicken TuttaIt will be a popular menu in the resurgence, but this time it was a menu where the first pig was used even in the Tatsuta series so I went to McDonald 's and ate it.

Pork tatta | campaign | McDonald's

Arrived immediately after the morning Mac finished

A poster of Porktutta is also posted next to the cash register.

New items are lined in the middle of the menu, and I will order it at once.

Waiting at the seat Pork tatta arrived in a box with material written in two or three minutes.

When opening the box of pork tata, it looks like this. Cabbage is a little protruding.

It is not made, it is made from the order "MADE FOR YOU" method.

Illustrations of pigs are printed.

Looking from the side like this. Grill pork Patty and overflowing cabbage can be confirmed.

Tansuta series unique shape of the buns. The form is said to be made by hand.

You can check the onion ginger sauce when opening the upper buns.

Cooked grilled pork Patty has sauce on top and a little ginger scent is given before eating.

Under the grill pork patty is mayonnaise and shredded cabbage.

The amount of mayonnaise does not seem to be that much.

I will eat it at once.

It was a combination of grilled pork patty, onion ginger sauce and cabbage so I had predicted it before eating, but it was a combination like ginger baking. The taste of sugar like ginger grill and the taste of soy sauce are weak, the center of taste is the taste of pork.

Shredded cabbage is easy to spill, so it seems better not to tilt too much when eating.

Because the onion ginger sauce and mayonnaise are topped in the middle part, the taste of the sauce and mayonnaise is strong. Just a usual McDonald 's hamburger has less impression of sauce and mayonnaise, so that the taste of sauce and mayonnaise is not strongly claimed to that extent.

It's not a style to eat in a paper bag like a normal hamburger served at McDonald's, so it's a little hand sticky. Also, since the buns part is soft, you need to be careful as it will be crushed if you hold it strongly with the usual hamburger's condition.

This pork ta ta has become a limited-time goods, and since the sales of Chikentatsuta Japanese style grated, chikenta tuta and new products for a limited time are planned to be on sale one by one, fans of the Tatsuta series are necessary checks.

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