"How Its Made - Hot Sauce" which explained how to produce Tabasco from peppers over several years such as cultivation and maturation

Tabasco to put on pizza and pasta, tacos in the United States andBritoFrom Mexican cuisine such as Mexican food to scrambled eggs, it is used for every kind of food, but what kind of process is Tabasco used casually in daily life? There is not much known about that. "How Its Made - Hot Sauce"Is a movie that makes it easy to understand until Tabasco becomes a product through processes such as cultivation, harvesting, aging and mixing.

How Its Made - Hot Sauce - YouTube

TabascoWas originally created in 1868 by Edmund McHillhenie of McHillhaen's founder, packed in a perfume bottle and sold.

Today it is sold in more than 100 countries, and in Japan it is often used for pizza and pasta, but in the United States it is used for a wide range of foods such as scrambled eggs, soup and dressing.

In addition to the original Tabasco, there are various flavors such as green pepper, sweet & amp; spicy, garlic, etc. made from habanero and jalapeno.

So, how is this tabasco made? That is why the movie starts from where you grow green and jalapeno. The following is Jalapeno bred on agricultural land in Louisiana state in the south of the United States.

While still fruit is still blue, mark with a strap and make it a landmark for harvesting.

When the fruit turns red, it is time to harvest. Have a red stick and screen fruits picked while comparing with chili.

Harvest just the fruit of the same color as the stick you have.

I will put chili into the can put on the waist.

The inside of the can is red.

Collected red peppers into the wooden box.

Within an hour of harvesting, peppers are mixed with salt.

Mash chili further and create a paste-like one.

Then the paste is transferred into a whiskey barrel and enters the fermentation process. The pepper that entered the barrel is exposed to moderate air, yeast seems to grow naturally.

However, if it is exposed to air it scents like metal, so lay paper inside ...

Close the lid.

Burn the barrel with a burner and fix with a hoop.

I put plenty of salt on the lid.

I flatten it.

The barrels were moved to the warehouse and aged thoroughly for 3 years.

Carbon dioxide is generated from the peppers inside, and the gas that has passed through the lid hardens the salt.

At first the bubbles of carbon dioxide floated from the floating liquid.

After three years break the solidified salt and open the lid.

When you open the inside by tapping a gangan and a lid with a cannuci, the appearance of a red red pepper paste.

At this point the red pepper is changing to a rich and complicated scent.

Next is the work to add vinegar to paste.

Continued to mix for 4 weeks, the particles of red pepper paste become smaller, and the fragrance, color and aroma of chilli are firmly settled in vinegar.

Since vinegar fulfills all the necessary roles, we do not heat it.

We enter the mill process.

Remove unnecessary things such as seeds.

And check the quality of the liquid Tabasco.

Experts will check PH and Salt Level etc with their own tongue.

Tasting with crackers and ice candy in the test of flavor.

Make a note of the results and only those that passed this test will be in the bottling process.

Tabasco will be poured steadily into the bottle on the bottling line.

Close the cap ......

Completing with the label.

Tabasco, which was made after a couple of years since harvesting, was shipped to restaurants and supermarkets and was delivered to people.

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