A method that enables aging of sake for two years in only three days is found and used is "ultrasound"

BySami Keinänen

For years of years aging alcohol is necessary, for example, in the case of brandy, many years of aging years exceed 10 years, more than 20 years exist. Although it is possible to make excellent sake by taking a long time, new research has revealed a method to accelerate the process of its maturation. What I use is "ultrasound", it seems that aging for two years can be done in just 3 days in the usual way.

Study of a laboratory-scaled new method for the accelerated continuous ageing of wine spirits by applying ultrasound energy

Ultrasound Ages Liquor Two Years in Just Three Days - NOVA Next | PBS

It is the key to the taste to "digest" a lot of sake that exists in the world. Brandy is no exception, and luxury brandy is completed by matured in barrel for decades. Discovered by Mr. Balum Garcia who is a professor at the University of Cadiz, Spain, a technology to quickly shortcut the process of such maturation. In his research, Mr. Garcia took oak chips into alcohol and bathed it with ultrasound for 3 days to mature. At the stage of ripening, experiments were conducted by changing conditions such as "temperature", "amount of oak chips", "alcohol power", "aeration amount", etc. After that, the prepared alcohol was evaluated by several experts That's right.

Mr. Garcia told the research results, "It was a truly unexpected result that the alcohol became like a brandy aged for two years due to aging on the 3rd," he said. It was 8 experts who evaluated alcohol made by ultrasonic method, and it included researchers among them. According to the experts' evaluation, sake made is getting a rating of "good as conventional brandy", and although it is not equal to genuine aged luxury brandy, alcohol of excellent quality was made . Mr. Garcia says that "sake made with ultrasonic waves is surprisingly good, it has a fruity-like flavor and a sweet scent, showing a high fragrance".


The most highly rated brandy created in the experiment was 130proof· The alcohol degree is 65%, and the condition for making it seems to be "when using a large amount of oak chips at room temperature with slight breathability".

The mechanism of 'acceleration of aging' is caused by cavitation caused by ultrasonic waves in the oak tip. Small bubbles formed by sound waves "burst explosively", which destroys the structure of the oak chip and releases the compound. This compound adds special flavor to liquor and accelerates maturation. In addition, alcoholic experts call this phenomenon "conserver".

Mr. Garcia said that "alcohol made by accelerating the process of aging" can not be called brandy in European legislation, but Mr. Garcia said, "This technology accelerates the development speed of liquor by distilled liquor manufacturers It helps to make it happen. "

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