Such a curse when a technically trained person becomes a start-up CEO as a start-up


Having a founder with technical capability at startup for software development is important not only from the viewpoint that it is possible to create products instantaneously but also to make it easier for skilled engineers to hire and to use it as an engineer It is also very advantageous in that it makes it easier to collect investment. However, as the founders become CEOs and start to run startups, Ian Sefferman says that the curse is on the CEO.

The Curse of the Technical CEO

Venture investorsFred WilsonSays that CEO 's duty is to be limited to only three. One is to set up the company's overall vision and policy and to understand it with investors. Second, adopt the most useful people for the company and keep those people at the company. And the third is to make sure that banks have cash. In short, the CEO is a storyteller. Talk to the current employees, investors and the media, tell the story of the company to people, investors and future employees who are potential customers in the future.

ByGage Skidmore

So why is the problem that the CEO who is a storyteller is technologically?

A technical CEO can tell a story far beyond the technical expertise necessary for team backup. At least I can understand what functions and features are not available at the moment, and in my mind there are always ten steps to be done from today to two years later. In other words, the CEO is a limited resource that also knows about features and bugs that will be created.

It is very easy for a technical CEO to return to the coding world once again in the field of development. Please withdraw the latest code from GitHub, hit code editor and fix some bugs. Unfortunately, however, the engineering team can not even reach the means to carry out what you want.


As all engineers do, born actors really want action. If there is a hole in the team, you are the CEO, you will solve the problem by filling in the hole.

But that is not what you should do. The CEO should discover ways to bloom the team's ability and help them as leaders as efficiently as possible.

Instead of doing what team members can still do, please do not become a single cane to support the team. Make sure that they are able to complete their work better and fasterFacilitatorIt becomes. Invest in development process, engineers, and nurturing them.

ByVictor 1558

In other words, the curse that can be put on by a technologically powerful CEO means returning to the site as a member of development and wanting to approach the core of the problem yourself. Please resist the urge to keep acting indeed. Go down one step and improve the place of the current 'actor' and concentrate on being yourself a 'story teller'. Keeping on telling the wonderful stories by employees, customers, investors is the way you win.

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