4 inch smumaho "AQUOS PHONE ss" which can measure radiation in half the time Quick haste photo & movie review

A compact size of about 60 mm wide is realized with a 4.0-inch liquid crystal, a 13.1 million pixel camera and a 2080 mAh battery are installed, and a measurement time is shortened by 1/2 compared with the previous model (107 SH) It is "AQUOS PHONE ss SoftBank 205SH (manufactured by Sharp)"is.

AQUOS PHONE ss (Soft) Outline of SoftBank 205SH (made by Sharp) | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

Touch & Try to the venue

This is a real machine, surely feeling small

The liquid crystal screen size is like this


13.1 million pixel camera

The side is pretty round




A physical key called "Quick Launch Key" is carried and you can assign your favorite app. For example, it is possible to allocate by turning on / off the screen, pressing the camera / mail for a short time, and long pressing. By default the short press is camera, long press is S! It is mail.

Radiation measurement application upgraded and well

The point which is supposed to be completed in half of the previous time

A demonstration until actually measuring and measuring is like this.

Radiation measurement with "AQUOS PHONE ss" - YouTube

Please note that the release date is after mid June, 2013.

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