World's lightest 94g waterproof smartphone "DIGNO R" haste photo & movie review

It is equipped with 4.3 inches (1280 x 720 dots) HD liquid crystal, 60 mm width, 1.5 GHz dual core CPU "MSM 8960" installed, waterproof · dust · infrared · one seg · 1800 mAh battery is also equipped with the world's lightest waterproof If the smartphone is "DIGNO R (Degunoar) SoftBank 202K (manufactured by Kyocera)"is.

Overview of DIGNO R (Degunoar) SoftBank 202K (manufactured by Kyocera) | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

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The feeling held in the hand is like this, it is light enough to understand clearly just by holding it

The back is like this, fingerprints are not conspicuous at all

The main camera has about 8.1 million effective pixels (CMOS · AF · camera shake correction)

The side looks something like this, it's a bit rough, making it easier to grip

Body size is about 60 × 122 × 10.4 mm



Kyocera's original "smart sonic receiver" that carries sound by vibrating the entire display is installed

Actually what "smart sonic receiver" feels like is to understand by seeing the following movie, the whole liquid crystal surface is shaking feeling.

The world's lightest 94g waterproof smartphone "DIGNO R" vibration test - YouTube

The release time is scheduled for mid July 2013 or later.

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