Sumaho with radiation measurement function "PANTONE 5 107SH" haste photo review, world's first radiation sensor realizing miniaturization and power saving + waterproof + infrared + Osaifu-Keitai

It is scheduled to be on sale from the middle of July 2012 and is the first PANTONE series waterproof smartphone equipped with various functions such as color development of 8 colors, Osaifu-Keitai, infrared, original widgets, corresponding to "Platinum Band", one segment broadcasting A fairly new model that is equipped with sensorsPANTONE 5 107 SH"Was released at the new product launch meeting in the summer of 2012 Softbank Mobile.

Overview of PANTONE® 5 SoftBank 107SH (manufactured by Sharp) | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

Group people


Waterproof / dustproof function

The real thing looks like this


It will be

Comparison of size with palm




Viewing angle like this

This is the radiation measurement button

Camera etc. are concentrated on the top

Rear camera etc.

The terminal part of the bottom surface

I just opened the lid and opened


home screen

Screen when calling


Radiation measurement in progress

Display results

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I measured the actual with the world's first smartphone "PANTONE 5 107SH" with radiation measurement function - GIGAZINE

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