Industry's First Full Seg Compatible 5 inch Sumaho "AQUOS PHONE Xx" Compare picture quality with One Seg Haste photo & movie review

As the smartphone's first full seg (terrestrial digital broadcasting), it adopts high-resolution large-screen 5.0 inch full HD liquid crystal (S-CGSilicon liquid crystal system, 1920 × 1080 dots), and has a large capacity battery of 3080 mAh and 1.7 GHz It is equipped with a quad-core CPU, and a high-performance 13.1 megapixel camera with an F value of 1.9AQUOS PHONE Xx (Double X) SoftBank 206SH (manufactured by Sharp)"is.

AQUOS PHONE Xx (Double X) SoftBank 206SH (Sharp) Overview | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

So to the touch & try venue


"Image quality, endurance, new dimensions. With 5 inch & full high vision TV installed", OS supports Android 4.2, 4G compatible, Wi-Fi · tethering · Osaifu-Keitai · infrared · GPS

The feeling I have is about this size, it is truly decky


F1.9 lens mounted



Top surface, left end antenna

Insert microSD card here

When you pull out the antenna it will be like this, it's quite a long time

Zoom in on the part where the antenna is out

It's quite long to see

State placed on desktop holder

As it is 5 inches, the image quality looked good

So, this is a comparison between Full Seg and One Seg. The left is full seg, the right one seg, the outline of the letter clearly shows the difference in picture quality clearly

In this way, the antenna terminal was connected to the model being exhibited, but of course it is possible to receive full seg only with the built-in antenna

Looking at the movie is like this.

Industry's First Full Seg Compatible 5 inch Sumaho "AQUOS PHONE Xx", Comparing One Seg and Image Quality - YouTube

Please note that the release date is after late June 2013.

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