Sumaho with the world's largest number of 25 color variations, "PANTONE 6" actual photo review

A smartphone "PANTONE 6 SoftBank 200SH" that has the world's largest 25 color variations will be released from SoftBank on or after late December 2012. The model features waterproof, dustproof, infrared communication, one-segment function, etc. It is said that "S-CGSilicon liquid crystal system" carries a bright display which improved liquid crystal transmittance.

Overview of PANTONE 6 SoftBank 200SH (manufactured by Sharp) | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

At the recital held on October 9, I was able to touch the real machine with the touch & try corner, so I decided to take a picture while touching the petapepta.

The exhibition booth is as follows.

The color variations lining up are 25 colors, according to the ROA survey, it is the world's largest as of October 9, 2012.

Furthermore, it is also possible to make it a unique design by sticking a seal for decoration.

The package is also colorful.

Equipped with a display of 4.5 inches (1280 x 720 dots).


It has a 13.1 megapixel camera,


Upper part


When I show GIGAZINE it looks like this.


The software keyboard is as follows.

When opening the cover it looks something like this. In the product version, the yellow sheet on the lid is about to disappear.

A 1.5 GHz dual core CPU "MSM 8960" is equipped, OS is equipped with Android 4.0. It is possible to update to Android 4.1 at a later date, the release date is after late December 2012.

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