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On April 26th, on the ground floor of the North Building of Granfront Osaka, "World beer museum"Will open. Outside of the Tokyo Sky Tree / Solamachi store, the second store in the Grand Front Osaka is the second world beer museum, but here is the biggest beer country "Germany" "Belgium" "Czech" "Britain" "America What a beer like 'WhatBarrel rawSo I tried to ask the bartender about the recommended beer of each country.

This is the entrance of the "World Beer Museum".

At the entrance there is a tower made of about 400 kinds of beer bottles.

I will have the beer boasting of each country show off at once. The first visit was the Belgian counter. Here I can drink 8 types of beer draft beer and the type of bottled beer is the most abundant.

Belgian Counter Recommended "Burugosotsuto" is a fruity aroma and aftertaste has become a refreshing beer.

You can have beer out like this.

Belgian Counter Recommended bottled beer "Corne". It can be drunk with a square glass of exclusive glass, in Japan it seems to be handled only in this "world beer museum".

Next to the Asian counter that there is only Osaka 's "World Beer Museum". There are plenty of Asian beers, as well as Japanese beer, of course.

There are three kinds of barrel draft beer that can be drunk at Asian counter.

From the left "St. Gallen" "Tiger" "Baird Beer". St. Gallen and Baird beer are domestic, Tiger is Singapore beer.

There is also a performance street performer etc in "World Beer Museum".

This is a Czech counter.

There was a sister in the ethnic costume at the Czech counter.

The bartender pours beer into the glass.

Czech counter The recommended beer is very difficult to pronounce "Shenkov Nipail 10"

The Czech counter, where the elder sister will serve you, is especially recommended.

Captured by the elder brother of the German counter ... ...

To the German counter.

The Germans say that they are talking about the amount of beer bubbles, so they have a sign that they put bubbles in the glass so far.

This is the German counter recommended "Franziskerner Weisvia"

Since yeast is not filtered, liquid is more turbid than other beers, and it has a characteristic scent like banana.

Arrived at the American counter.

There is a horse saddle at the counter here.

You can check the process of actually entering beer with the following movie.

We had beer "Pike IPA" recommended beer at world beer museum

American counter Recommended "Pike IPA" is a fruity and bitter taste.

And finally the British counter.

Recommendation is "Endeavor ale" It uses four kinds of hops, it has a bitter but refreshing taste.

Alcohol besides beer was prepared here.

And it is also possible to purchase more than 100 kinds of bottled beer, it is becoming a beer-friendly museum.

At the counters of national motifs, it is possible to order a bottle of beer, a bottle of beer, and both beers, so that the bartender and the staff will deliver it anywhere. It is a wonderful place not to be an exaggeration to say that it is just a paradise for beer lovers.

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