Various ideas such as cars and egg cars flying in the sky with 16 rotors Various kinds of cars

Although there are various kinds of vehicles such as airplanes and helicopters flying in the sky, "wanting to make a flying car" seems to be a common wish of all mankind, inventors and manufacturers here and there are thinking about various ideas. In the idea festival conducted by automaker · Hyundai, automobiles and others who succeeded in flying by installing 16 rotors appeared.

Hyundai's new thinking for future mobility | Easier

Hyundai Idea Festival: New thinking for future mobility - YouTube

Events sponsored by reporters ......

It is "Hyundai idea festival"

A chair that can run around while reading

Elongated car body of 8 wheels

It is unknown what was made for purpose

It is that the takeoff takes place before the cloak watches ... ...

It is a flying car.

Four quad rotors are arranged around the seat. It differs considerably from the image which I imagined as a flying car that will appear someday ... ....

Besides this there are only variations. Here is the four wheel vehicle ......

Tachikoma andRide backAtmosphere like that. It does not deform indeed.

This is an ordinary car, but ....

I started to remove the tires.

Apparently it seems that we can share tires with bike and car. A bit laborious version of Bat Mobile that came out on the Dark Knight?

Here is what has changed considerably.

Attaching a helmet shaped front and back protruding

The vehicle itself is in an egg shape

It seems like this when the pod on which Freeza rides runs.

It's like a size for children, it is a revived bike.

A riding posture that is likely to kneel

I can run in any direction 360 degrees

Advance with the power of fans

I'd like you to aim for commercialization by all means without ending with "an unusual idea".

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