Freshly baked pizza I ate all-you-can-eat pizza at "Grateful Gardens"

Italian restaurant of Sukuaru series "Grotch Gardens」Is offering all you can eat Pizza at the store only. It is an ordered buffet and every time pizza baked it is said that the staff will come to distribute the table, so I ate it all at once.

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Arrived at "Italian Gast Grochet Gardens", the all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat set includes 1153 yen including tax. By the way it is Italian so I'm committed, everything is not "pizza" but "pizza" inscription.

The interior of the shop is like this. Immediately after opening, some pairs of customers have already come. Are you a pizza all - you - can - eat guest ...?

All-you-can-eat pizza set includes pizza all-you-can-eat + main dish + Italian salad + drink bar set A (1153 yen tax), set A with dessert in set A (1298 yen including tax), luxurious dessert from set B There are three types of set C (1398 yen including tax) to choose from.

A familiar drink bar is also set up in the gast line.

First of allWe need to order main dish before ordering pizza. This time I ordered "Red Shrimp and Snow Crab Tomato Cream Spaghetti" "Warm Jam Meat Doria" "Hamburger & Sausage Grill Demiglace Source (with Rice)" "Eat Soup Minesto Pottoff L Size".

A salad arrived at once.

Italian dressing is on. The taste is very ordinary Italian salad. I felt sour somewhat intensified.

About 10 minutes to wait, "Hamburg & Sausage grilled demiglace sauce (with rice)" arrived. In the usual Grand Menu, it is 523 yen including tax.

When cutting hamburger steak, meat juice overflows. The taste is like a hamburger steak with ground beech that is orthodox.

You can eat it while changing the taste with potato sauce tartar sauce.

Next is "Warm Jammedoria". The price is 523 yen including tax for ordinary ground menu. It is 418 yen including tax and no tax.

Cheese, meat sauce, cream sauce has become a triple composition, a little bit more oil.

Mixing warm balls and eating it will be slightly mild.

Next is "Red Shrimp and Sawa crab tomato cream spaghetti". Mascarpone cheese is added at the Grand Menu and it is 838 yen including tax.

The red shrimp comes in with a shell, and also from this shell the pasta sauce has a taste.

The snow crab body is also put on top of the pasta, and it tastes firmly to the crab.

Overall, the taste of tomatoes and cream is intense, crabs and shrimps are also added there, so it is recommended to consider the price of single items.

Next is "Eat soup Minesto potoff L size". The price is 628 yen including tax if it is a grand menu.

It contains large cabbage, carved vegetables and sausages.

Cabbage is cut large, plenty of sweetness.

Sausage tastes less sensation. It is a crisp crunch.

There was also a gnocchi collapsed a little. Because this potoff was calorie as low as 304 kcal, I thought that it is just right before all you can eat, but rather it got pretty much hungry and it was a counter effect. People who want to eat all-you-can-eat pizza in the main are better off choosing pasta or leaving to eat.

After finishing eating all the items, go to the main pizza at once.

All you can eat menu. You can choose from all 12 types

Pizza's size is 27 cm in diameter and regular size of 10 pieces ......

There is a small size of 4 pieces with a diameter of 15 cm.

Small size came first. The diameter of the pizza is a bit bigger than the iPhone 4S.

When it comes to large size the diameter is about twice as large as the iPhone.

There is a difference of this size when stacking a small size in a large size. People who want to eat various kinds are better off with small size.

Pizza fabric can be chosen from Naples style "soft type" and Roman style "crisp type". However, we were unable to choose the fabric for convenience of the shop this time, and it was all "soft type" this time. ... ... Because it seemed likely to eat a lot, did you recommend a thick Napoli type fabric?

The Napoli type I ordered this time looks like this when viewed from the side.

This time I decided to eat all kinds using S size half & half. "Margherita" and "Pizza of tomatoes and basils" were asked for the first piece. The top half of raw tomato is on the pizza of tomatoes and basil. Apart from the raw tomato being put on, the appearance of Margherita looks pretty similar. Margherita is 628 yen including tax if it is a grand menu. Tomato and basil pizza are all you can eat at the original menu.

Normally, when the baked pizza is made, the staff turns around the table, so if you call out, you can give one piece at a time, but in this time period people were few, or the ordered pizza reached the table as it is . Therefore, I cut it with a pizza cutter on the table.

I will get it from Margherita.

Although it seems that tomato sauce seems to be rather small compared with the menu picture, it is actually less when you eat it. However, thanks to that, it can be eaten with chewing gum. Since basil is kept to the extent of flavoring and there is no habit, I think that it is a good dish that you can ask.

Pizza of tomato and basil is similar to Margherita, but the tomato flavor is intensified as much as the raw tomatoes are on, and it is refreshing.

Next is "pizza with saliva pizza" and "gorgonzola pizza". The upper half is Pizza of Gorgonzola and the lower half is Pizza of Pirica salami.

Normally when asked in the grand menu it is 733 yen including tax, although many people feel that Gorgonzola is "smelly", this menu has its odor suppressed, it is easy to eat and has a mild taste. Gorgonzola's pizza is eating honey, so it is ant to use honey that is placed on the table. The main dish with saltiness adds sweetness of honey, and it becomes dessert like it adds. It is quite profitable that this is included in all you can eat.

All - you - can - eat pizza of Pircara salami original menu. Taste of tomato is strong, it is not too hot.

I ordered 'Maya corn's pizza' at half & half, but I arrived with 1 full size.

"Mayocone" is attached to the product name, but the taste of mayonnaise is weak, the taste of tomato sauce and corn is coming out in front. It is pizza which children are likely to eat because they are strong in sweetness. All you can eat here also the original menu.

"Squid's anchovy sauce pizza" (upper half) and "keema style pizza (curry flavor)" (lower half), the white thing visible above pizza is a cuttlefish squid.

Next is the squid anchovy source pizza. It is a seafood pizza with a lot of cuttlefish fillets, but the taste of anchovies was not felt much.

Kiema style pizza (curry flavor) is slightly greasy. The tomato flavor is strong, it is not so hot although the ground minced meat curry flavor is attached, making it easy to eat.

In the regular menu, "Bacon potato pizza" of 639 yen including tax, this was also done with one piece instead of half & half.

Mayonnaise on mashed potatoes, bacon & tomato sauce and American taste with considerable flavor. The menu says "Since topping is simple, I do not get tired of eating how much I eat", but quite ... ....

"Asparagus and Bacon Genovese" (upper) and "Shrimp's Menta cream pizza" (lower)

It is a pizza that combines aspara with basilish-flavored Genovese sauce and bacon, but basil flavor is diluted. It is a dish that the texture of asparagus was extruded.

A small prawn Menta cream pizza is a combination of Akta, cream cheese, shrimp, and large leaves. Akita grains are contained in the lower side, and you can enjoy the texture of bubble wrap. Because Akta is not very spicy, children are OK.

Continue eating, finally the last one until Pizza all kinds of domination. Last is "Japanese pizza of steamed chicken and lotus root" (upper) and "Steamed bird and cream pizza of lemon" (lower), both products are not in the grand menu.

"Steamed chicken and lotus root Japanese pizza" uses chicken scissors. It seems that seasoning is done with soy sauce sauce but soy sauce did not remain in impression much. The lotus root and crispy texture is a good accent, and it is also compatible with chickens. Because it is Japanese style and not too heavy, I want to eat chopstick breaks in the midst of all you can eat.

"Lemon cream pizza with steamed chicken" has a thin feeling of lemon, but if you are using white sauce it is lightly made and you can eat it easily.

This time we challenged with four people, we flattened the main dishes one by one, for pizza 8 S size and 1 L size. Pizza takes about 5 minutes in an empty time zone before it is baked, it will cool down if you leave it on the table and the cheese solidifies and the taste falls, so if you want to eat one after another, order as many as you want at the same time It is important not to choose but to consider pace allocation.

By the way, all you can eat pizza is finished, but desserts are still left.

"Freshly baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream" literally has cold ice cream on the baked pie fabric. It is usually 523 yen including tax in the grand menu.

Ice cream melts rapidly as the lower pie fabric is hot.

The taste of cinnamon is not so strong, it is a dish that you can enjoy the contrast of warm apple pie and cold ice.

"Assorted dessert platter". In the Grand Menu 523 yen including tax This time "homemade tiramisu" "dust chocolate jelly" "choice vanilla ice" choice.

Tiramisu is a classic combination of Mascarpone, coffee and cacao powder, and there is little bitterness of powder and it is good. Vegetable oil is used for cream, but I want you to stick to cream a bit more.

Next is "Dutch chocolate jelly". It seems to be rich as I see it ...

Impression that gelatin was used considerably abundantly and finished to solidify jelly rather than dust. The sweetness of jelly and the taste of chocolate were quite strong, furthermore chocolate sauce was applied and it was quite thick.

Vanilla ice was the same as apple pie. It is an orthodox vanilla ice cream.

Next is "Strawberry scuff". In the grand menu it is 418 yen including tax. Zukot is a domed dome shaped cake that is in a frozen state or semi-thawing state. The cream part was not solidified in what was issued this time.

There are more creams to sponge than regular cake, and it is dish to dish like cream love. It's like I'm eating strawberry cream.

Sublays like cookies on top are made of cheese and contain a little salinity, so it's good to eat in the middle to refresh the sweet mouth.

Next is Strawberry parfait. In the grand menu it is 523 yen including tax.

Use three strawberries.

There is also chocolate sauce on the bottom, and there are three types of sauce, including strawberry and chocolate, and even raspberry sauce, which has a more abundant taste than complicated.

We got hungry when we ate all 20 kinds of menu with 4 people. Each main menu was about 700 kcal, pizza was 800 kcal with one S size and 300 to 400 kcal for dessert, so the calorie intake per capita is more than 2500 kcal ... .... Please take care when eating too much.

As the impression of the menu, curries, Akuta, Pilara salami etc. There are many men easy to eat even for children, and it seems that it assumes use of the family layer. Early pizza for pre - school children is free of charge, primary school students have no main menu and have a drink bar and pizza all you can eat, including tax 418 yen. Although there are shops that do all you can eat pizza all in a buffet style, there are not many shops called Pizza all you can bring to the table at the chain store that is deployed nationwide, so once people want to eat Why do not you try it.

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