I have eaten all three kinds of cheese pasta with Jolly pasta such as `` baked Camembert and grilled bacon carbonara '' with one whole Camembert cheese

Jolly Pasta, a pasta specialty chain, has begun Melting Cheese Pasta Fair for cheese lovers. From February 20, 2020, as the first fair, three kinds of pasta of `` cheese is the main role '' using Camembert cheese, mozzarella cheese, premium mozzarella still appear, so I actually ate it .

I love cheese! The first 'melting cheese pasta fair' starts!
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That's why I came to Jolly Pasta.

At the store, a handwritten signboard was used to highlight the “melting cheese fair”.

A special menu is also found at the seat that was guided.

After ordering, all three types of melting cheese pasta arrived in about 10 minutes. If you add 250 yen (excluding tax), it is possible to increase the pasta and sauce by 1.5 times, but this time I order regular size.

This is 'Fried Camembert and Grilled Bacon Carbonara' (1190 yen excluding tax).

The ingredients are bacon and Italian parsley ...

And one piece of Camembert cheese baked in the oven.

First of all, when I ate only Camembert cheese, which had an outstanding presence, the rich but soft and creamy cheese taste spread throughout my mouth, and it was an irresistible taste for cheese lovers.

The bacon is crisp and salty. If you chew, you can enjoy the flavor of the baked meat straight.

Carbonara has the sweetness of whipped cream, and goes great with Camembert cheese. The creamy sauce made the impression that the cheese taste was enhanced.

Next is 'Torroli mozzarella cheese carbonara' (tax not included 1190 yen)

Mozzarella cheese is served on top of pasta.

On top of that is a plate-shaped cheese gullet.

First, let's start with the ingredients. Mozzarella cheese looks like this, and it is too elastic to cut with a spoon.

There was almost no smell peculiar to cheese, and it was an easy-to-eat cheese with a firm feeling of milk sweetness.

The texture of the cheese galette is moist. The taste was intense and rich, and it was recommended for those who like scented cheese.

Carbonara has a good basil flavor and is quite refreshing. Plenty of mozzarella cheese has a simple taste without habit, so it may not be enough for those who seek 'the taste and richness of cheese'. Occasionally, the chopped bacon insisted on the taste of the meat, making it a good accent.

'Premium Mozzarella Tomato Sauce' (1090 yen excluding tax) is a menu that uses plenty of tomatoes that go well with cheese.

Cheese fondue sauce melts on top of tomato sauce pasta, which is the base.

Contains two types of small spherical cheeses, 'Mozzarella Dice' and 'Fresh Mozzarella at Flower Farm'.

If you eat some spherical cheese, you can feel the characteristics of the mozzarella dice that has elasticity but smooth teeth and the fresh mozzarella of the flower garden ranch where you can feel the sweetness of milk firmly , I can tell the difference in appearance, but I can hardly tell the difference. Both of them go well with tomatoes, so if you don't mind eating them, you may only feel like 'some pieces have different textures'.

If you eat it with pasta, cheese and tomatoes are the best match, but for those who came to eat cheese, any cheese may not have enough impact. The impression was that tomatoes were the main ingredients, with rich cheese fondue sauce and fresh mozzarella from a flower garden ranch with a strong sweetness.

'Melting cheese pasta fair' is available at all Jolly Pasta stores for a limited time until late May 2020.

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