I ate "Deca Horse 298 yen Bento" which is fly and hamburger steaks at only 298 yen

SeiyuHas been selling since March 23 "Takara Satori Tiger Fried Bento"When"Tamenori Hamburger bag box lunch"When"Takara Satori Tiger Fried Bento"Is a bowl of guts like that targeting young people, salaried workers, but boasts quite a volume but prices are offered at 298 yen including tax. It is also a subsidiary of SeiyuShops and specialty shops of side dishes and lunch boxes WakanaHowever, it is said that it is sold, so I tried to eat actually how much it was bought.

Seiyu, 500 g more "Deca Uma" 298 yen Lunch box 2 items new release

First of all, we will receive "Tamagori Hamburger bag lunch".

The energy per lunch box is 834 kcal.

Besides hamburger steak, Napolitan spaghetti, potato salad and so on are included in raw materials Simple lunches.

Hamburger covered with demiglace sauce seems to be hungry just looking at it.

Actually measuring the weight of one hamburger, it was 150 g.

The size is one size larger than the iPhone.

The weight of rice is 282 g. Considering that there are many cases where the amount of rice is about 200 g when it is a general curtain lunch box, it is a heap of magnificence.

Napolitan spaghetti is hidden under the hamburger steam.

Potato salad with carrot.

It is a feeling that it covers thin meat taste with demiglas sauce when eating one hamburger steak, but it is shock to be able to eat this large hamburger at 298 yen.

I can not see much gravy from the section of hamburger steak.

I can go eat with the rice.

Next, we will eat "Tamari Satoru Tango Bento Bento" which contains 6 pieces in total.

Energy of the special taste fish bamboo box lunch is 1126 ccal more than the special taste hamburger lunch box.

The raw materials are the same as those used for special taste hamburger lunch boxes such as Napolitan spaghetti, other than picking up fish paste.

Tornado karaoke is good and soy sauce works well, but clothes are soft as a matter of course, so expect too much if you expect the crisp clothing.

Potato salad in Takara Satori Karate Fried Bento did not contain carrot.

Soy sauce is good and soy sauce works well, but it is a bit disappointing that the clothes are soft.

When I started eating it was so much that I thought that it might be tough to eat two of them, but I managed to finish it. My stomach is full and it is a tough level to move. Although the hamburger lunch box was rather rather disgusting than the fried lunch box, the feeling of satisfaction after dinner was considerable for both. Because there are more rice volumes than side dishes, it is perfect for those who can have as much rice as you can have kanji or hamburger steak.

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