"Lego Hogwarts" which reproduces Hogwarts completely with a Lego block, a name scene also appears

Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle was made entirely with Lego Block "Lego Hogwarts"is. It is reproduced finely not only in the castle but also in the forbidden forest and the hut of the Hagritto to the surroundings, etc. In each place, Harry, Ron, Hermione and others are reproducing the name scene of the work centered on the creation It is becoming.

Lego Hogwarts - a set on Flickr

This is Hogwarts made with Lego block.

A side view.

It is made much finer up to the roof and windows.

It feels like this when lighting up in the dark.

Not only outside but also inside the building is faithfully made to the work. In the cafeteria where the candle was magically floated, the way the students eat each dorm is reproduced.

Magical pharmacy class. Jars filled with liquids and living things are lined up.

This is a girlfriend's discourse room. Frog chocolate is on the table.

Mr. Snape is in the speech room of Srizarin.

The fireplace has a fire.

McGonagal 's transformation technique. Harry and Ron are late for class.

In the school of spellscience, a small Petit Fritwick teaches on the teaching pendant.

Harry and Mr. Dumbledore are in the astronomical tower at the highest place of Hogwarts castle.

Sirius · BlackThere is also.

I turned into Professor Snape who wore clothes from Neville's grandmother for defense against dark magicBogart.

A moving staircase.

We found Pieves on the spiral staircase. In addition to this, ghosts such as gray lady also existed in various places properly.

In a ladies' toiletPoly juice medicineHarry Ron Hermione making.

The secret room door opened.

Tom RiddleAnd Harry's battle scene.

Three people break through the mechanism of the room to recover the wise man's stone.

Not only the building but also the outside including the corridor is finely made.

There was a forbidden forest spreading at the edge of the school building.

This enters the forest forbidden by three people of Harry · Hermione · Unbridge and reproduces the scene that meets Centaur.

Volde Mode Battle with Harry.

There is also a greenhouse used for herbalism.

Beyond the fenceSuicide demonDiscovered the figure of.

On the side of the rampage Yanagi is a huge Aragog nagaregi.

In front of Hagrit's hut there was also Hagrit surrounded by a huge pumpkin.

This is Alice Finch by the author. Compared with humans, you can understand the enormousness of Hogwarts castle. Finch completed this castle using about 400,000 LEGO blocks over a year. "I do not know the cost of making it, I do not want to know, I got ordered from the world of yellow-brown blocks and various parts used in the school building."

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