The inside of the castle of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" which finally reproduced Harry Potter's Hogwarts magic magic school in USJ and so on released

Scheduled to open on July 15, 2014The Wizarding World of Harry Potter"Has become a theme park completely reproducing the world of Harry Potter on the site of about 3 Tokyo Dome and there is still a little time before the opening but some open event is held for the press So I saw what it is like a bit before.

Harry Potter ™ theme park "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter"

Universal Studios JapanArrival in.

Under the gate I found a signboard for "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" to open on July 15th.

Harry Potter's figure in front of the gate.

There were also Hermione · Gene · Granger and Ron Weasley.

This isHogwarts Magic Magic School. Haran Potter is making the world as it is as if goose bumps stood at the moment you saw it if you are a fan.

Astronomical observatory tower.

You can also check clock-like items.

Next to the castle is a lake which became the venue for the second challenge of the three school competing magic game, and in the evening, the surroundings of the castle have a fantastic atmosphere.

In the vicinity of Hogwarts castle there are lots of people wearing robes.

This time 60 children of Harry Potter fans gathered from all over the country and an event was held that everyone drink "butter beer".

What kind of drink is it with butter beer? You can check from the following article.

An area where you can enjoy butter beer from the magic world of Harry Potter in the unprecedented appearance in USJ - GIGAZINE

Children moved to the castle after finishing butter beer tasting. The gate looks like this.


Snakes, eagles, badgers, and lions are drawn as animals symbolizing each dorm.

When I visited the iron gate was in a state opened.

A statue on the gate.

So I will actually enter the castle indeed.

By the way to the entrance it is possible to ascertain firmly Hogwarts castle up close. Corridors and ... ...

A window in the classroom where Harry's studying.

In the design of the castle I was in charge of the art of the movie "Harry Potter" seriesStuart CraigMr. Mr. is involved and it is taken into consideration that "how the sun's light hits". Therefore, if you look closely, you see that white moss grows in the place where sunlight hits, and where dense moss grows where it does not hit.

A dark green moss was growing in a place where it felt as if it did not receive much sunlight.

This is the entrance.

A lot of the inside is still unpublished, but this time I open the stairs with the moving portrait. I'm looking for a portrait that the children talk.

A portrait is lined with a slurry on the wall ... ...

Children seemed to have found 4 founder of Hogwarts who speaks safely.

Looking from the top of the stairs it looks like the following.

In addition to this there are familiar rooms in the original such as "Principal Office of Dumbledore" and "Class of defense against dark magic", and enjoying with 4K video "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey "attraction is also available. It was not released this time, but only the magic tribe will liveHogsmead VillageAlso under construction of the castle, the atmosphere of the original was reproduced in its entirety. I am in the USAThe Wizarding World of Harry PotterIn Hagrid's hut and ... ...

There are also zomko's "mischievous specialty store".

I do not know what will happen to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan, but the possibility that these facilities can be experienced in Japan is high, so I'm hoping for it.

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