Demonstration movie that actually moves the contents of Opera with Webkit

OperaWe abandon our own rendering engine and adopt WebkitI announced that, but actuallyNexus 4A movie about how the new-born Opera of the Webkit version moving is moving is going on.

Opera with WebKit hands-on demo - YouTube

This is the Webkit version of Opera. The name is simply "Opera" and it is different from "Opera Mini" already provided.

Although it is understood by seeing the movie, although the early preview version is still still, the scrolling speed of the insanely is fast and smooth.

"Speed ​​Dial" function is like this.

One tap to access the site

"Discovery" function

Category display is extremely light

History display

When the address bar and the search bar are the same, if you actually put the letters in the address bar, the site that you frequently access first and the site you viewed in the past are displayed as candidates ... ....

Then go to search mode.

Search on Google started, display completed

The tab looks like this when the thumbnail image turns around

Tap the icon in the upper right to display various menus and settings

By downloading and saving sites, etc., compressing the page in advance and transferring it reduces the amount of communication and speeds up page reading. In that case, it shows how much it was compressed and speeded up.

Zoom in and zoom out by pinch operation is also very smooth.

In the future, desktop version of Opera and smartphone version of Opera are synchronized, open tabs can be synchronized, and release schedule will be released not only for Android version but also for iOS version in 2013 It is said that.

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