Measurement review to confirm the power of "Dispatch" which realizes stable communication by bundling multiple lines such as 3G / 4G / wireless LAN

Software that allows stable Internet access to be realized even in places where the radio conditions are not good by connecting the PC to multiple lines such as mobile router and wireless LAN at the same time is "Dispatch"is.Previous articleSo we reviewed the installation method and features, so we decided to actually use it and check its effectiveness and usability this time.

The Internet, Faster - Connectify Hotspot and Dispatch

"DispatchDeparting on a car with the installed PC installed.

The test site is around Osaka's downtown Umeda. While traveling around the Yodobashi camera around the weekday at 11:00 with a car and "DispatchI tried using it.

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Since there are many people using mobile phones and smartphones in the surroundings, the degree of radio wave crowding is changing every moment and does not measure at exactly the same point, so the measurement result is "DispatchPlease consider it as a rough tendency when using.

The equipment I used this time is "Pocket WiFi LTE (GL 04 P) (left)", SOFTBANK's "iPhone 5", and a notebook PC with Windows 7.

I prepared about 10 MB of folder containing 71 JPEG and PNG image files and tried transferring data using FTP software.

"DispatchThe graph showing the transfer status displayed on the screen is as follows. It is a display when purple wave is e-mobile, blue wave is using Softbank line.

Looking at the graph on a shorter time axis is like this.

Next, we will transfer the same image as one uncompressed zip folder in the same environment.

in this case"Dispatch"Is connected to two routers, only one line can be used at a time. However, when the radio waves of the used line are cut off, it automatically switches to another line, so there is no need to change the routers every time the radio wave condition gets worse.

If you can connect with a line with high speed, you can transfer at high speed as a matter of course even with only one line, but this area is up to you.

Furthermore, while traveling on the same place "Dispatch"Was turned off and the test was carried out with only the e-mobile line, the communication could not be completed in the building shadow and the transfer could not be completed.

So, although it is in a limited environment, as a bodily sensation I actually used, "Dispatch"Although using two lines does not mean that the transfer rate will be doubled, the impression that the probability that a radio wave will be interrupted and a communication error will occur can be reduced considerably. For example, when transferring multiple image files while traveling in a car, it seems convenient that the trouble of connecting the router every time it passes through a place with bad radio conditions disappears.

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