A new generation game machine war is beginning to develop in the development of PS4 and Xbox 360 successor

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A new game machine that seems to be PlayStation 4 will be announced on February 20It became clear,Edge OnlineAlthough detailed information of PS 4 was also posted, it is predicted that successor to PS 4 and subsequent Xbox 360 that will be released will cause a new generation game machine war.

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According to Edge, the PS4 controller scheduled to be released in 2013 will be the same size as the existing dual shock, and will have a small touch pad instead of select / start / PS button. In addition, you can distribute screenshots and videos online by pushing the "share button" newly attached to the controller, so that the user can edit the game video and distribute it via the Internet.

The CPU plans to use AMD's 8 core 1.6 GHz, together with the successor to Xbox 360, the so-called "Durango". Durango uses 8 GB of DDR 3 RAM, while PS 4 is currently supposed to use 4 GB of GDDR 5 RAM and plans to increase the capacity to 8 GB by the final stage. Although it is thought that the PS4 is superior to the specification at the present time, such as the touch pad and the share button, the power at completion is antagonistic in either case.

PlayStation 3 was released in 2006, but sales were not increased as Sony expected, partly because the price setting was high despite installing the latest technology. I learned from failure of PS 3 and the success of Nintendo's Wii, this game machine seems to be keeping up with the latest technology, focusing on parts such as ergonomics, power efficiency and cooling system. This is also common to Microsoft.


Sales of Wii U and PlayStation Vita, which were released at the end of FY 2012, are less favorable than expected, according to market research firm NPD, sales of game machines in 2012 were down by 22% from 2011 about. Tablet, smartphone etc. are involved largely thereDiffusion of games by mobile terminalsAlthough it is currently focused on playing on mobile terminals, there is also the possibility that it will replace existing game machines by connecting with a TV. Games developed by Rovio Entertainment in Finland for mobileAngry BirdsHas recorded a worldwide hit, but games for mobile terminals are free or can be downloaded for 2-3 dollars, which is a wonder for gaming machines. As the game market is undergoing a major change, the issue of Durango and PS 4 will depend on whether it is hardware capable of responding to changes over the next five years.

Durango has the same possibility to focus on social aspects as well as PS4's "share button", and if this trend continues in the future, in the future game machine market, social services, online games · media delivery · and controller interface It is expected that new competition focusing on the point will start. Both game machines will be held in June 2013E3 2013Announcement is scheduled in.

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