Compare the problems of Xbox 360, Wii and PS3, respectively

Despite the fact that the sales volume in the world exceeded 10 million units, Wii, despite being thought to be good overseas, in JulyMicrosoft has confirmed that all products sold in the past are defectiveAlthough Xbox 360, although it can not be said to be good,Price cut is announced etc., PS 3 expected in the future, is a next generation game machine that is walking three way road, this time I tried to compare the respective problems.

Although it does not have any next-generation game machines yet, it may be helpful for those who want to know what kind of problems each has.

Details are as follows.
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According to this article, the problem which each game machine has is as follows.

· Xbox 360

1. Red Ring of Death
The actual failure rate of Xbox 360 was 33%I also told you in the article that, this is probably the most problem. Microsoft has extended the warranty period of Xbox 360 to 3 years, but I would like to buy a model with fundamental measures if I would buy it.

2. Wireless controller does not come with rechargeable battery
Although the wireless controller is attached to Xbox 360,Rechargeable battery sold separatelyIt has become. It may be a substitute for keeping the main unit price down, but this is the place I wanted to be attached.

3. Microsoft point is confusing
When purchasing paid content of Xbox Live Marketplace, prepaid methodMicrosoft PointThere is seems necessary, such as 3500 points to 5250 yen, the exchange ratio between money is confusing likely. In addition, also with a problem where there is no discount even to buy a large amount of points.

4. Wireless LAN not equipped as standard
Despite the fact that the 60GB model of Wii and PS3 has wireless LAN, Xbox 360 seems to be a problem where even the highest grade model Elite is not installed as standard. Microsoft believes that wireless network standards will change all the time because it does not have wireless LAN, but realistically thinking that the new standards of wireless networks basically have compatibility with previous standards , Provided as an accessoryWireless LAN adapter USB connectionAs this is an adapter that can be connected to USB, changes in the standard are irrelevant, so we assume this claim does not matter.

5. HDD is not mounted in the standard model
It corresponds to the standard model of Xbox 360Core systemNot only does not have the HDD installed even with Xbox,The memory unit for saving save data is 512 MB and the list price is 5500 yenAnd it is said that it is problematic that it is very expensive.

Certainly Wii does not have an HDD, but instead you can substitute an inexpensive SD memory card as a recording medium, so you can not help saying that this memory unit is too expensive ....

6. The AC adapter is too big
Despite the good design of the Xbox 360 itself, there is a drawback that the AC adapter that supplies power is too big. Although the commentary on the AC adapter is posted on the following link, it is ridiculous silo monochrome that the fan is mounted with a length of 21 cm, a weight of about 1 kg.

Xbox 360 Hardware Report [Peripherals]

· Wii

1. Low throughput
It seems that Wii's processing capability itself is about the same as the first generation Xbox and it is ineffective in graphics processing because it is only the extent to which the game cube has powered up. Also, the software itself seems to be produced for the Wii instead of the game for PS 2 which became the old generation hard.

2. The controller is expensive
Because there are many games that need both the Wii remote control as well as the extension controller nunchaku, in order to play more than one, it is costly for the controller to buy both the Wii remote control and Nunchaku. IncidentallyAccording to the official page, When buying two together, the list price is 5600 yen.

3. Wii points
Although it is a point system like Microsoft point, when it is settled with credit card, Xbox 360 can input credit card information with keyboard, Wii it seems that it takes time and effort to input very much.

4. Software quality is low
Wii has so many softwares, but the majority of them are games created for the Wii for what was the title for the game cube. As the most obvious example, software for Wii "Mario Party 8It is said that it does not even support the 16: 9 screen.

5. The controller does not come with a rechargeable battery
This is the same as Xbox 360, but Wii, unlike other game machines, has a low manufacturing cost of the hardware itself, so it was wanted to have a rechargeable battery attached.

6. Not for online battle game
Compared to online services like "Xbox Live" on Xbox 360 and PS3 "Playstation Network", a mystery connection error occurs when sharing Mii. Wii's online service is not so good.

· PS3

1. The title of the game itself is small
PS3 is a game machine with very high processing capability, but it seems that the game titles are a little smaller than the Achilles heel. The background is that game developers are bothered to make games that make use of the high processing power of PS3. Software such as Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS 4) scheduled to be released this winter may be very attractive, but again the number of softs seems to be an important factor in buying game machines.

2. The quality of software is low
In addition to having a small number of software, in addition to the first-generation PS3 game, there are many things that were released for PS3 for the Xbox 360 that was released in advance, and additionally the release date is later than Xbox 360 It seems that there were many things like stepping on and kicking, such as not being very high quality.

3. The body is expensive
Even if it is compared with Wii of 25,000 yen including tax and Xbox 360 (HDD-equipped model) with tax of 30,795 yen, the PS3 of the 20 GB model can not be denied that it is very expensive, such as 49,980 yen It has been with.

4. No vibration function
Because we reconciled in patent litigation, there is a possibility that a controller equipped with vibration function will appear before Christmas, but still it is tough to say that the controller does not vibrate at the present time. However, unlike the two game machines listed above, the rechargeable battery is installed in the controller.

5. There is no headset in peripheral equipment
Despite enjoying online games on the Playstation Network, it seems that headsets are not provided as peripheral devices. However, because it supports Bluetooth, it can be used if there is a Bluetooth headset, but it is basically more expensive than the wireless headset that Xbox 360 is releasing as a peripheral device.

6. There is no USB port on the back
When using a USB camera called Eyetoy, unless there is a USB port at the rear, it seems to be troubled with handling the cable.

I tried to list the problems each gaming machine has, but I am concerned about which gaming machines can ultimately reduce users' frustration most.

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