Approximately 90% of 20's have an account An animation strategy of niconico, a gigantic video service that has an account

Japan's largest video service with over 30 million members "Niconico". A video sharing site that lets you add a comment to the movie you are playingNico Nico Douga"And real-time comments can be attached to live programming"Nico Nico Live Broadcasting"As for animation, we are delivering new animated cartoons immediately after broadcasting, and broadcasting all the stories and broadcasting them all at once. By the end of December 2012 "Cat story (black)"Was broadcasted on three channels simultaneously with TOKYO MX, BS11, and an extraordinary effort was also made.

What kind of strategy is being carried out on niconico, lecture by Fumiaki Ogawa, Director of Content Sales Division, Dwango Content Sales Headquarters, Inc., in the animation · business forum · + 2013 sponsored by Digital Hollywood International Anime Research Institute It took place in. The lecture title is "Animation strategy of niconico"is.

【Digital Hollywood University】 Anime · Business · Forum +2013

There are many services that can watch videos, but the feature of niconico's service is "Can comment on videos". This allows users to experience videos as if they are watching with other people and share the fun and enjoyment of them.

According to Mr. Ogawa's data, the number of registered members as of the end of December 2012 is about 30.78 million. Among them, the number of premium members who can obtain various benefits at 525 yen per month is about 1.81 million. In addition, there are 7,820,000 mobile members. In terms of male-female ratio, 67.1% for males and 32.9% for females, and the number of female members is approximately 10,120,000. There are many young people in the age group, especially in their 20s account for 42.5%. The number is 1.380 million people, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics the population of the 20s is about 14.9 million people,Approximately 90% of the 20's are niconico usersIt will be. Recently, accounts of people in their 40's and 50's are also increasing.

Mr. Ogawa in niconico is responsible for "Nico Nico Live" part. Nico Nico Live broadcasting has expanded programs such as drama and sports, games, go shogi, mahjong, as well as animation, but it became a story about animation by saying "Anime · Business Forum + 2013".

Regarding the purpose of animation development, Mr. OgawaReduction to animation industryWhenDevelopment of animation businessI told you. Although it is not without big titles, animation business is in a downtrend, Ogawa says illegal animation as one cause.

The current situation is up about 30 minutes after broadcasting, even with subtitles if it has no subtitle as it was broadcast in Japan, even in about an hour. This pirated version (illegal animation) may be useful for those who can not see it on television, but it is not licensed and will not be returned to the producer side or the creator. However, it is up from the "There is nothing else to see, there is nothing to see", and if the official video can be raised as soon as possible, the meaning of illegal movies will disappear. So, it is niconico's idea that if you create an environment that can be upgraded as an official movie immediately after broadcasting, you will be able to see official movies rather than illegal videos and be able to return.

Then, what kind of things are deployed in the current niconico? In NicoNico Live Broadcasting, broadcasting 600 to 800 programs in the last 3 months when including all genres, of which about 150 to 160 animation related seems to be related.

In the period of January 2013, the animation which is deployed on NicoNico live broadcasting and the Nikoniko channel is all 18 pieces. There are six continuous works, so a total of 24 works are being developed. The transition of the distribution title looks something like this, the bar graph is the one that niconico has examined the total number of animations being broadcast, and the line graph is the number actually developed by niconico.

What I am doing on the development of the new work, first of all, the program advertisement before broadcasting. And live broadcast on Nico Nico linked to TV broadcast. He also said he is doing consistent promotion of CD and DVD. For example, it is a flow that makes a special number concerning a requested work, tells the program summary by a voice actor who appears in the work, and has a viewing habit with niconico.

To the program that started in January 2013 "Vividred Operation"there is. In the case of this work, the latest program will be live on December 14 in line with the start from January. Cast appeared, enjoyed communicating about the program, users watching live broadcasts posted comments, casts moved forward while picking up their comments, sharing information in real time. During the New Year break, we distributed the special number of Aniplex production after the broadcast on TV, delivered to the live broadcast in Nico Nico to raise the user's desire to watch. Every Sunday after live broadcast "Nico student talk operationThere is a program called "casting voice actor" as a guest, sharing the impression after seeing the main part with the user. We are making efforts to raise viewing awareness of the next week.

Ogawa says, "It is said that" niconico sells as many comments are attached ". This is because someone who sees the work without comment will not come so much, so a person who came to enjoy excitement in comments thinks "I would like to purchase and make myself a comment". Therefore, besides the part that promotion is done for live broadcasting,VOD (video on demand)There is an aim to have you see lots of comments on live broadcast before delivery and we are selling with that comment.

There is "500 works" in the material as the old anime delivered by niconico, but it is said that Ogawa says that it is not less and it is about a little more.

While distributing on VOD, live broadcasting is positioned as a promotion, asking people in their twenties or thirties who were watching at that time for free, watching the comments, and then bringing it to paid sales from there doing.

As a caseTatsunoko ProductionsTake up the work of "Nico Nico masterpiece presented presented by Tatsunoko Theater"there is. Here, we take up tatsunoko animation every two episodes everyday, making awareness to viewers as a regular program on weekdays, leading to old sales. From May 2012 to June 2012NicoNico HeadquartersWe collaborate with Tatsunoko Productions to name the headquarters "Tatsuniko Head Office"And promotion to announce the start of free delivery of all 14 pieces or more was done.

From the second half of last year "Broke Brothers Let's & Go !!"Out of the 51 episodes, ten episodes are divided into two times for free live broadcast. After receiving a comment, from the eleventh episode we charge a fee. It seems that it will not be able to sell suddenly if it is a normal site, but "Ogawa says that it was possible to sell a considerable amount due to the match between the audience and Let's & Go!". nowZoid's live broadcastI'm doing it, and I'm connecting to paid distribution from the place where I'd like to see the next, which is nostalgic.

Another effort that is different from new distribution and old production is "Anime broadcasting". Animation is one cool work with 12 to 13 episodes, and for 2 cool works there are all 24 to 26 stories, but this is one day to broadcast a total of one cool as a guide. As a case we have done so far, in 2011New Year 'Lucky Star' BroadcastAnd "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica" Japan and Taiwanese broadcasts and others. Madokaga's stuff is an attempt to have Taiwanese subtitles attached at the same time in Japan and Taiwan, not only comments but also Taiwanese not just Japanese.

These projects are organized around Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, with a lot of users. About 80% to 90% of this formation is done at the request of an animation maker, and it is the timing just before selling BD and DVD, and before the broadcast of the sequel, such as the second season, the previous season is shed at a stroke It is implemented in the form of encouraging viewing. In addition, it seems that there are also things that have acquired rights by niconico to shed in large consecutive holidays. Because it will show up on a long length of 6 hours at the shortest and 12 hours at the longest, we promote related products and the next work PR at the place where many users gather.

For example, during the summer vacation of 2012, we broadcasted 11 titles in total for 16 consecutive days. The total number of visitors was 2.9 million, total number of comments was 3.5 million. Although it is strong even for a single unit, concentrating further enhances the effect and there are also impacts.

By the end of 2012, we broadcast 15 titles in 2 weeks. At this time, the total number of visitors was 4 million, total number of comments was 4.3 million. The work is mixed with what was asked by the manufacturer and what was shed by the niconico. There is also an aim to make the viewing habits of broadcasting more strong, for example NHK animation should have few cases of such things, but "Bakuman.Towards the third term of the first term and the second term, we developed one broadcasting.

Up to now, "Anime broadcasting" has been performed more than 200 times, its total number of visitors is 41 million, total number of comments is over 63 million. We celebrated the release of BD-BOX this SaturdaySchool Days broadcast all at onceOn SundayMedaka Box Abnormal One broadcastingAt the moment, 11 scheduled broadcasts of 8 works have been announced by March 24 at the moment, Ogawa says that it is scheduled to broadcast all at once during the spring vacation period.

The fourth expansion is "Animation Promotion Program". Basically it is what you make with goods, ie CDs, DVDs, event announcements and so on. In the case of promotion of music, it is a form that the artist appeared in person himself, and added past live image, PV video etc in order to raise viewing, and it leads to the person appearance talk. If it is video promotion, cast casting video will be displayed after all broadcasting, and we will have you see it at the timing when there are many viewers. If it is a promotion of a new work, it can be a live broadcast of the presentation and a full broadcast of the previous season. According to Ms. Ogawa, "It is organized to allow people to see as much as possible". The merit of live broadcasting with niconico is that the number of people will definitely be limited if it is an event venue, but because it is unnecessary to think of capacity as a net, it is delivered to more people and you can know it in real time. Unlike television, it is not an environment that tens of millions people can be seen, but Twitter etc. can circulate information even more light users.

As a past case, ClariS CD release event is cited. Although it was thought that it would normally do in a special number format, ClariS is a unit that does not appear, so hold an event on Nicofare and hold an event to have all the songs DJ played before release. There were 115,000 visitors.

In July, at the 20th anniversary event of Sailor Moon, I took a talk event at Nikofare in Roppongi, relayed with the venue of Japan Expo held in Paris and got Momoiro Clover Z to sing the theme song Implementation At this time as well, 11,500 people came. Immediately after this broadcast it seems that Sailor Moon's official site had much more access than usual.

In the single release special number of Mizuki Nana, there are also popular nationwide, so the number of visitors is over 140,000.

"Live songs and live broadcasts" that Kalafina will sing at the SONY studio in October. There are also many voices from the user that wish for live songs, so it is a development that gathers nature and people.

Besides that, the recital of Nishio Ishin Animation Project broadcasted 400 tons of visitors with the voice actor total appearance, broadcasting the Neutamina lineup presentation, Mao Yu Maso Yuusa production presentation, advancement giant production presentation etc. In the case of the attacking giant, the recital was held at Nicoferre, and the PV was first presented.

The fifth development is an event · Live live broadcast. Its primary purpose is to "be able to communicate to people who are not in the event venue in real time". This is possible not only for free but also for a fee. If it's a free event, there were the Niwango booth and event live broadcast at the 2012 Anime Content Expo, the past Momochuro Expo live, and the live jump festa stage live. Although paid broadcasting is not so much when it is animation, we are selling paid net tickets at the 20th anniversary event of Visual Arts. There is demand for general live events and events, etc. In addition to expanding the promotion field for those who can not go, we can monetize on net ticket sales as well.

A concrete example was also mentioned about the promotion case of the work.

The first is "the Student Council Resident Lv.2". It was broadcast on TV from October 2012, but delivery was done niconico three months ago. Also, as an advertisement of television broadcasting, we implemented initiatives of the previous series of full talk delivery. Normally, animation works have a promotion period of about six months, but by distributing it three months earlier, that period is utilized. This same initiative was also done "Uepa!" In addition, one week before the start of live broadcast live broadcast of in-store events like a countdown. As a result, 53,000 people visited in the first episode. Usually, the number of visitors to animation is 10,000 to 30,000, so it can be said that it is quite a lot.

The second is the movie "009 RE: CYBORG". I just made a live broadcast, but also made a Nico Nico original benefit. As for the privilege, we also conducted a program that director Kenji Kamiyama thinks about planning together as a "live broadcast made by all advance benefits". While directing the director himself to tell the point of view of the work, things thought in the program are sold so that it is linked to ticket sales promotion. Also, after this live broadcasting, we carried out broadcasting at once, entitled "RE: IG", East Eden, the Ghost in the Shell, and Patlabor for the Mobile Police. I did live broadcasting even at the preview screening just before the opening, had the director and the main staff show on live broadcasts, made a round-table talk and so on while showing off the main part and making, and continued to theatrical release.

The last case is "cat story (black)". This was a live broadcast on New Year 's Eve, and broadcasting was done at TOKYO MX and BS 11 in the same time zone. It is difficult to make a special number for this program on television, but niconico has an infinite frame, so on December 7, "live news presentation" will be live from Solamachi as a promotion. The survey team also became a surprise to know the broadcast at the same timing as the user. In addition, staff in each station also told the enthusiasm for the 31st and appeared "Neko Daisuki" in the category of Nikoniko News, put in the news of the presentation, even announcing the top page every time , Hoshie Yuko in charge of the timepiece, and thoroughly informed. On the day before the broadcast, the babble word "Tsubasa Cat" was broadcast all at once, the day before I broadcast a character commentary version of "Tsubasa Cat" BD bonus.

Normally, in one broadcast, the number of people increases steadily over 6 to 7 hours, so the release came out as "Madagagi" exceeded 1 million people, but the cat story is said to be 1 hour 30 minutes It is said that there were 999,000 visitors in the broadcasting time.

Niconico also carries out activities other than live broadcasting. For example, Nikoniko Channel is one example. Although VOD sales are sold with the right to each work, it is sometimes not possible to receive it because of the circumstances of the right holder as it is live Nikoniko, so manufacturers and publishers have opened their own channels You can manage it. This makes it possible for rights holders to broadcast on their own channels according to their circumstances such as works and casts.

"Bromaga" is a new service that allows you to develop blogs while live broadcasting, which can be either paid or free. Since users receive e-mails to registered users, they can come to see it at the updated timing. In addition, since profit can be raised with Blomaga, it is also possible to give guarantee to live broadcast guests, and if members increase, it will become profit of registrants. Mr. Gackt, Ichiro Ozawa, Mr. Tsuyoshi Natsono of Dwango are also doing well, a considerable number is rising, and is now open to the general public.

In terms of deployment from Nikoniko "Bravery.There is a work called. This is originallyWork posted on Nico Nico cartoon. After that, Shueisha'sSeries starts with jump SQ, Further from January 2013Also broadcasting TV animationIt is being done.

And lastly, Mr. Ogawa consistently performed a business style of distributing official videos that gained permission from the right owner at an early timing while doing a business from promotion to monetization about future development of niconico I talked. In addition, although it is not large as number, we are developing niconico overseas, opening English and Taiwanese versions and distributing what we got permission as well as Japan. In the case of cat story (black), official delivery in Taiwan was carried out 30 minutes after broadcasting. He said that if he could go ahead with increasing the development that it would be to see the official movie before the illegal thing had come up.

Although niconico may look like a strange site when viewed from the outside, Mr. Ogawa says employees are seriously working. It may not be a position to drive the cartoon business, but he talked about contributing to the development of the industry if I could help you.

At the beginning of the service was a mainstream form on YouTube's movie comment, but now showing a presence in parallel with YouTube niconico. Although it was said to be "help of the animation industry," there are quite a few people who are watching on the Nikoniko channel because the schedule does not match to see the animation's new work on television, already one of the leading characters is a mistake There is none.

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