"Okayama City of Legend" project that the municipal detective verifies legend such as Okayama = big city

On January 29Okayama city renamed to "Momotaro City"There was a news, but this is because Ogre manipulated Mayor Takaya for disturbing the PR project of Okayama City and made fake announcement ... so that Okayama city again genuine PR special The site was opened. The real catchphrase is "A legend you do not know is in Okayama city.".

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The legendary Okayama city

In the announcement on January 29, I used the same thing as the PR tagline in Hiroshima prefecture, "Momotaro City", but of course I will not use it as well. The content of fake announcement is "Udon prefecture It is not only that Kagawa Prefecture"When"It is good! HiroshimaAccording to the Sanyo newspaper, Governor Yuzaki Hidehiko in Hiroshima Prefecture said that he was a parody after obtaining consent from each otherI would like to react positively if there is hope for cooperationI announce the comment to the effect.

Mayor Takaya's illustration that it was manipulated by demons.

Once again, Masahiro Komoto 's detective "Municipal Detective" emerges. Okayama city seems to clarify its truth by saying "legend".

Several movies have already been released.

Legendary Okayama City / Legendary Prologue - YouTube

File: 01 says "Okayama city is a big city."

Legendary Okayama City / File: 01 "Okayama City is a big city." - YouTube

This stems from the fact that "Okayama city is a big city" on the net, and far more futuristic things come out than the actual Okayama city. For example.

There are many other patterns.

Where in Okayama is a big city (VIP Wide Guide) - 2 cham

As a trigger of this story, there is experience that Angela Aki from Ishino gun, Tokushima prefecture moved to Okayama when he was in junior high school, comparing Okayama with "Otayama Okayama" as compared with originally lived It seems that it is in expressions.

The announcement etc. of "Momotaro City" is summarized in the section "mayor of the legend".

With this collaboration, Okayama City, "Let's together settle the Setouchi area together" with Kagawa Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture. Is this the flow that the municipality in Setouchi goes on?

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