"Takemoto's village caramel taste" is perfect for winter when you want sweet things so I tried it

Wrapped in cocoa cookie with rich and rich caramel taste of chocolateTakemoto's village caramel flavor"(210 yen including tax) was released. The bamboo shoots are characterized by cookie dough and we decided to check how compatible with caramel chocolate fulfills.

I want to eat in winter, rich and rich caramel flavors appear new! "Takenoko no Sato Caramel Flavor" New Release

The package is also finished in a caramel-like color.

Looking at the raw materials, caramel paste is contained and it seems this is becoming a miso of this time.

The energy per box (63 grams) is 345 kilocalories.

Cocoa has a bitter taste, the sweetness of caramel stands out and compatibility seems to be good, so expectation is large.

The inside bag is also like a caramel.

When opening the bag, the bamboo grove is small, but it makes you feel heavy.

When counted, it contained 27 pieces in all. Contents amount is 63 grams.

Sweetness of caramel chocolate with good melting in the mouth was felt, and the flavor of cocoa cookie was well out. I thought that the flavor of chocolate feels weak, because the taste of caramel is strong, but both insist on taste firmly.

Although it can be understood by trying to break it, the caramel chocolate is not thinly coated, it is quite thick. For this reason, the first mouth echoes in the mouth with a gentle and light voice that "chili" called "crisp" breaks.

Try dividing it vertically like this. Because the cocoa cookie is also firmly contained, you will not lose to the sweet strong caramel flavor, you will feel a taste firmly. Also, the crispy texture is the same as normal Takenoko village, so you can enjoy it without problems.

It seems to be a good choice for this season when you want sweet things. The winter version of the mushroom mountain "Large grain mushroom mountain macadamia nuts tailoredIt might be better to eat it together with.

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