Kentucky is planning to eat all-you-can-eat, limited time until January 27 & limited only at stores

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) last year, according to the foundation day of July 4Perform an all-you-can-eat chicken all-you-can-eat eventMany customers gathered. It has been only half a year since then, but he seems to be doing an all - you - can - eat event again for a limited time until January 27, and with a limited reservation only store. The top picture is that last yearAt the founding date eventOf things.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

There is no entry on the official website as of 12 o'clock when the article is posted, but on the official Twitter account it is announced as follows.

As announced as "anniversary festival special project", this is done as a refurbishment anniversary festival etc. of each shop. We are offering all you can eat in Tokyo under Hachioji, Kamata West Exit Store (Kamata Store), Sagamihara Aogihara Store, Musashi Shinjo Store, Shin-Yokohama Station Store, Mukogaoka Amusement Park Store, Plara Sugita Store, Kamakura Ocean Ten stores in the mall store, Aikawa town store, Ohune east exit store, the time from 11 o'clock to 19 o'clock.

The menu is all you can eat and drink of original chicken and potato, soft drinks (45 minutes), 1200 yen per person. In this time it is necessary to make a reservation by the day before the scheduled date because it is a complete reservation system.

When I contacted KFC, it is said that there are no plans for implementation outside 10 stores. Moreover, it seems that it is still undecided whether to carry out the same festival festival as last year, so it seems that the person who is likely to go is better not to miss this opportunity.

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