White chocolate + sweetness with rich flavor and rich texture and smooth, "white chocolate pudding that collaborated with Hanako"

We blended two kinds of white chocolate which is characterized by richness and fragrance, pull out the flavor of white chocolate and further finished in a mild flavor by adding cream, it is "White chocolate pudding that collaborated with Hanako"(130 yen without tax).

Smooth and rich tasty pudding

The package looks like white yoghurt, but the inside is a pudding using white chocolate.

Information magazine for womenHanakoProducts by collaboration with. It seems that there are many rich flavors in the pudding of Ohayo Milk Industry, but this is what kind of taste it is expecting.

Raw materials include white chocolate and perhaps sake as well for fragrance.

The energy per one (90 grams) is 131 kilocalories.

As soon as you open the lid, the sweet aroma of the pudding drifts out of the cup and is reminiscent of the richness of the taste. It looks completely yogurt.

However, compared to yoghurt as tactile sensation, there is reasonable elasticity, feeling like purine again.

White chocolate milky with soft sweetness, rich and moist sweetness of pudding matches very well, you can feel the rich flavor. The feeling that purines spread smoothly with a smooth texture, the sweet taste swells fluently.

While it is rich, the aftertaste is light, so the next bite will proceed. If it is 90 grams, it finishes eating in the moment, but it is just right content for dessert after meal.

White chocolate and pudding Because it can enjoy both tastes, it seems perfect for the candidate snack of the cold season when you want sweets.

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