A site that allows you to see at a glance how well-known IT companies on the net are profitable

Even if you say IT company as a bite, how to raise profits varies. Therefore, a site that tried to classify IT companies by how to raise profits appeared. It can be classified according to the type of service of the company.

How do our favorite tech companies make money?

The top of the site looks something like this. Looking closely, companies such as Adobe, Amazon, and Apple are displayed with icons.

For example, if you move the cursor to Apple and click it ...

Apple's iTunes is getting revenue growing by using royalties (accompanying downloading) such as music.

In addition to that there is a function to classify companies, and clicking on "FILTER" ... ...

Such a screen appears. There are two ways to classify companies, it can be classified according to "REVENUE TYPE (Revenue raising method)" on the left side and "SERVICE TYPE (type of service to be provided)" on the right side.

When I click REVENUE TYPE ADVERTISING (advertisement) ......

Companies that earn revenue from advertisements such as Apple (apps), Google, Facebook are slurping.

Next, I will look at the companies that make profits through SUBSCRIBERS (donation).

Companies such as Adobe, Dropbox, Skype were picked up. Business-specialized type SNS's LinkedIn appears as if it were classified by ADVERTISING, so as many enterprises with multiple profit structure will appear.

Next classification by SERVICE TYPE ECOMMERCE (e-commerce) ......

Like this.

With HARDWARE (hardware) ......

Amazon offering Kindle device, Microsoft providing Xbox was displayed.

It is a feature of this site that you can not only understand how companies raise profits & types of services but also can see a list of similar types of companies.

If you click "SHOW ALL" in the center of the screen ... ...

All companies that can see information on this site are displayed, and the number is 45 or so.

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