Firefox will be 1.5 times faster and memory consumption will be a quarter, Mozilla's 2012 summary


Mozilla is looking back on the past year because "2012 was an incredible year." Firefox in web browser is faster and reduces memory consumption compared with 2011, and Firefox Sync has synchronized 50 billion items.

Mozilla in 2012 | The Mozilla Blog

Firefox, which promoted integration with social services and Facebook, this year we provided more than 100 new features and developer tools, reducing memory consumption by a factor of 1.5 compared to 2011 by a factor of four. The add-on was downloaded 3 billion times, and the data synchronized with Firefox Sync amounts to 50 billion items.

Firefox for Android has evolved twice as fast and powerfully than conventional browsers, and was installed on 15 million smartphones. Also as a web app store for mobileFirefox MarketplaceThe preview version of it started.

"Tracking refused" option is used by users of Android version by 19%, Desktop version by 8% users. The Firefox OS team is developing the world's first "open web device", and introduced about 30 new web APIs to realize the open web. other than this,SOPA strikeIn the blackout campaign in, it was able to deliver voice to more than 30 million people.

For now, Mozilla's developer network has achieved 2 million users and 4.5 million PV every month, but in 2013 we will be working towards "New era of web creators", and we will further develop "web powers" that we have accumulated so far It seems to think that it is necessary to spread it.

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