The free version of 'Google Meet' will be limited to 60 minutes per meeting after September 30th

Google has made the video conferencing tool 'Google Meet' free, but after September 30, 2020, one meeting time will be limited to 60 minutes.

PSA: Google Meet to limit meetings to 60 minutes on free plans September 30th --The Verge

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has made it difficult for many to attend school and work, and the demand for online conferencing tools like Zoom has exploded. Partly because of that, Google announced on April 29, 2020 that the video conferencing tool 'Google Meet' will be free. Along with this, it was also announced that one meeting time would be unlimited for a limited time.

Video conferencing tool 'Google Meet' to be free-GIGAZINE

However, after September 30, 2020, the free version of Google Meet will limit the time of one meeting to 60 minutes. The free version of Google Meet was available to anyone with a Google account, allowing up to 100 simultaneous meetings for unlimited hours.

Previously, only users of G Suite Enterprise, the most expensive plan of Google's paid service G Suite , could meet with up to 250 people on Google Meet or for up to 100,000 people on a single domain. You had access to advanced features such as live streaming of meetings and keeping record of meetings. However, after September 30th, G Suite and G Suite for Education users will also be able to access these features.

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the demand for video conferencing tools such as Zoom is skyrocketing, and the number of users of Google Meet is increasing accordingly. In April 2020, the number of daily active users of Google Meet exceeded 100 million.

After September 30th, the free version of Google Meet will be limited to 60 minutes per meeting, according to overseas media The Verge, 'For most users who do not want to upgrade to the paid version service, the free version limit This means that we have to limit the meeting time to 60 minutes or less. '

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