"Design pylon" to change the triangular cone of the construction site to Kadoma, Takeo, Watermelon

While leaving the element of "making it stand out" of the triangle cone itself well, it has become completely different design "Design pylon"is. Because the balance between designability and practicality is a very moderate level, it is a splendid and excellent atmosphere.

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The mechanism is simple, a 50 cm sheet of size that matches the size of a general triangular cone (70 cm) has become tubular, just put on the existing triangular cone from above. Since it is waterproof, it can be left without problems.

Watermelon that is too surreal

When actually standing at the street corner it looks like this

Christmas style

Bamboo shoots


The price is a set with corn and it is 4800 yen per unit until 25th December, original design is also possible.

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