"Bitdefender USB Immunizer" free software that prevents virus infection by autorun of USB memory

Free software that prevents viruses infected by autorun (automatic startup) when USB memory is connected to PC is "Bitdefender USB Immunizer"is. Create a dummy autorun.inf file in the USB memory and prevent autorun (auto start) and creation of autorun.inf. Can be started on Windows XP, Vista, 7.

Download and operation method is as follows.

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Click "DOWNLOAD" on the above site.

Run the downloaded installer

Click "I Accept"

The operation screen is displayed.

When the USB memory is connected to the PC, the USB memory connected to the operation screen is displayed. To prevent infection of viruses and malware by autorang, click the displayed USB memory.

If immunized appears on the USB memory, prevention is complete.

When you check the contents of the USB memory, a dummy autorun.inf file is created like this.

If you want to prevent infection of virus and malware by autorun automatically in the USB memory connected to the PC, click on the leftmost button on the upper right of the operation screen and click the next button displayed OFF.

It will be OK if OFF turns ON.

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