I ate Hagen Dazs "Mascarpone Strawberry" with red and white feeling like Christmas

Haagen-DazsMascarponeTo the ice cream that used it, combined the pulp of sweet and sour fresh strawberriesMascarpone Strawberry"(270 yen including tax) appears. Mascarpone ice cream of gentle sweetness complemented the original taste of strawberry, and with this special ice cream only for this winter, it is said that it is worth while trying to eat even though it is cold. Actually trying I made it.

Only this winter gorgeous encounter Haagen Dazs ice cream minicup "Mascarpone Strawberry"

The package looks something like this.

It is a taste for a limited time only in winter.

Raw materials include strawberry, mascarpone cheese, scented sake and so on. In addition, this wine is made by fermenting cherriesKirschAnd that. Although it is a trace amount, alcohol content is included, so be careful.

The energy per 1 (120 ml) is 254 kcal.

When opening the lid and the lid, the surface looks like ordinary ice cream, but if you look closely you can see the shadows of red granules a little.

When you check inside, the red strawberry pulp that shines in white ice cream appears.

The contrast between white and red is vivid and you can enjoy it first. The part of strawberries feels stronger than sweetness in acidity, but its taste is distinctively felt in the moist flavor of that cheese moist, mellow sweetness ice cream. Part of ice cream like Haagen Dazs like rice wine, elegant taste.

Some strawberries are hardened, and the sweetness and sourness of fruit juice can be tasted intensely. It seems to be refreshing when eating it in dessert after eating.

Although it is said that it is complementing the original taste of strawberry, it should be that, there are places where the seeds are used as they are, the texture of the flesh of strawberry felt very rich It was content to be.

There is a sense of season with shades of Christmas, so it seems to be just right for the coming season.

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