A movie where Israeli military interceptor missiles shoot down rockets over Tel Aviv

ByAmir Farshad Ebrahimi

Israel started air strikes against the Gaza Strip of the Palestinian Autonomous Region on 14 November. It effectively controls this areaIslamic fundamentalist organization Hamas military leader diedFor example, the battle between Israel and Hamas is intensifying. The Hamas side is fighting with rocket bullet attack, and Tel Aviv, Israel's largest commercial city, is also targeted by that attack.

In the long-range rocket attack carried out around 16:30 on November 17, the siren rang in the city of Tel Aviv and the rocket flew away and was shot down by the Israeli interceptor missile system, but this movie Has been published on YouTube.

Although the top image is not related to this rocket bullet, it is a picture of a Palestinian soldier who tries to attack Israel with homemade rocket shot taken in Gaza in 2009.

Rockets over Tel Aviv - YouTube

An eerie siren echoing in the city of Tel Aviv announces rocket attack

The sky is cloudy over the top

When the camera turns to the right ...

A white dot approached as it overlaps a black cloud

Naturally, because the shape of the rocket is not visible, it is not something to fly by pulling the tail, so at first it does not understand something at all ... ...

An explosion sounded when the player flied to the edge of the field of view, and the photographer unexpectedly pressed the camera. This is a rocket shot of the Israeli armyIron DomeIt seems that it intercepted.

I immediately pointed the camera to its original position, but it is unknown where it was intercepted.

Intercepted "Iron Dome" was developed by Israeli Rafael


In addition, in this attack rocket bullets flew two shots, one shot was destroyed as intercepted as in the movie, and the other dropped to the uninhabited zone, so there was no damage.

Israel: Tel Aviv, shocked to sounding sirens Rocket launches from Gaza - every day jp (Mainichi Shinbun)

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