An explosion accident occurred in the ammunition storage in eastern Ukraine and 20,000 people evacuated, and the theory that "Drone bombing destruction work" also

A massive explosion occurred in the military ammunition of the government army in the eastern part of Ukraine and an accident occurred in which about 20,000 residents of 6 km around the area evacuated. The view that this explosion is caused by the Ukrainian government forces and the parent Russian faction opposing the Ukrainian government forces has been shown, and there is also a conjecture that the drone with the explosive was used for the actual attack.

Ukraine munitions blasts prompt mass evacuations - BBC News

A large-scale explosion occurred in the military ammunition of the government army in Barakuleya, Kalki province in eastern Ukraine, early Thursday, March 2017. This warehouse was located about 100 kilometers from the battle area between the Ukrainian government forces and the parent Russian scholars who receive support from the neighboring Russia, and it is natural that it is natural to think that it is an attack targeting government forces facilities. A movie shot from the point 3 km away from the evacuation area is shown publicly about the state of the explosion.

Балаклея, Харьков, момент детонации Точек У и Град ов, дальность 3км - YouTube

An ammunition cabinet burning with fire and smoke raised across the street. It is occasionally confirmed that a small explosion will occur, but then ... ...

The greatest explosion occurred. A red fireball is swelling and you can see how the shock wave due to the explosion propagates to the surroundings. About 10 seconds after the explosion, the explosive arrives at the shooting spot 3 km away, the hand holding the camera shakes greatly.

Photographer who picks up the camera in the vertical direction to hold high smoke.

Suddenly, an object like a missile lifted white smoke and jumped out.

Fortunately, it seems that it landed on a forest that seems to be unpopular.

At the end of the movie is shown a state that it is raising a black smoke newly. The momentum of the fire seems to be calming down, but as ammunition still remains in the warehouse, it seems that fire fighting activity approaching can not be done yet.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's Minister of Sepang and Portrack talks about investigating the investigation institution from every direction, and among them it is also looking at drone attacks. It is also seen that the range of flight ranges from several kilometers to 10 kilometers and the drone who can access the target while watching the images shot by the camera is increasingly being used as an attack tool, and ISIS (so-called "Islamic country" ) Has also reported that the battle drone was introduced to the battle.

ISIS (Muslim country) blows bombs into drones battle - GIGAZINE

As for the drone used for the attack, the troops of each country are also making progress, and there is also an incident that one American alliance shot down a 20,000 yen drones with a Patriot missile of 300 million yen.

Shot down a drones of 20,000 yen with a Patriot missile of 300 million yen per one - GIGAZINE

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