Aircraft base built by Russian forces in Syria is attacked by several armed drones

Fumimim Air Force Base made by Russian forces in Syria was attacked by armed multiple drones (drones), and two soldiers died.

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On the night of January 6, 2018, the Russian military Air Force Base located southeast of Latakia City, Syria "Fumimim Air Force Base"Has been posted tweet that someone was attacked.

A movie saying that the appearance of this attack was included ......

Owasa, It was speculated that these attacks might be caused by a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle).

"This attack is interesting in two respects" states that the former British military officerNick WatersMr. What is interesting is that, first of all, Fumimim Air Force Base is located about 35 km from the battle area, so the rebel armies are outside the range of available firearms. Second, the Humemeim Air Force Base is under attack by a mortar on December 31, 2017, when fourSu-24, TwoSu-35S, 1 machineAn-72It was reported in a local newspaper in Russia that it was destroyed. The Russian Ministry of Defense denies the report that seven fighter planes were destroyed but admits that two soldiers were killed by a mortar attack. It is also possible that these attacks were made by Islamic countries (ISIS) using a small drone formationSuggestionIt was done.

After that, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced again that official Facebook account has attacked Hu Mei Mim Air Force Base by DroneAnnouncementdoing. According to the Russian Department of Defense, six of the drone used for the attack are successfully hacked by equipment called "Russian Electronic Warfare" to take control. However, although three of six aircraft have successfully landed safely, the remaining three are exploding before landing. Also, 7 other drones have been shot down by the air defense system 'Pantsir-S1' air defense system.

One machine of the drone which the Russian army seems to be used for the attack which succeeded in hacking is kore. As you can see from the photograph, we succeeded in collecting almost unscathed.

Comparing the red and yellow frame parts in the following two images, you can see that the appearance is slightly different at the same site and more than two drones are being taken.

Although the drone has a wing width of about 3 to 4 meters and is structurally reasonable and basic, the main body is covered with a plastic sheet fixed with tape, such as poor making It is said that. It is speculated that the power is a gasoline engine, which was made in the town of Muazzara.

The following four objects are small bombs. It is controlled by the servo motor located in the yellow frame part.

There is an attachment in the red frame part, it is carried as it is hung from the drones.

The bomb is a simple making with explosives and ball bearings in a case made of epoxy resin.

Drone 's attack damage was attacked not only by Hu Meymim Air Force Base, but also by the military engineering academy in Syria · Homs, on January 3, including the attack on the Hu Meymim Air Force Base on January 6 The attack by the drones has been confirmed four times. A picture of a part of the drones shot down by Homs was also released and it can be seen that it has almost the same structure as the drone collected at Humimim Air Force Base.

Also, you can see things that look like GPS antennas in the yellow frame part.

It is understood that the drone is made of cheap materials such as plywood, plastic sheet, tape, but the Russian Ministry of Defense says "Drone is sailing using GPS", and the drone actually destroyed You can check the module which seems to be a GPS antenna even in the picture.

Also, Mr. Waters is paying attention that the drones are carrying the legs of the board rather than the wheels. Waters pointed out that there is a possibility of using something like a launcher for the drone because it is not something like a drone sized by human beings shooting by hand. In addition, Mr. Waters estimates that the drone is used disposable from the materials used in the drone and the legs of the board, and it is not supposed to come back to the launch point.

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