The Iranian Army develops a military robot that bombs around the battlefield while shooting a gun

The Iranian Army Ground Force (NEZAJA) revealed the existence of the Heidar-1 project to develop military robots and announced a prototype of `` Smart Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for Infantry and Anti-Armored Vehicles Connected to the Network ''. did.

Beetle-like Iranian robots can roll under tanks

You can see what the military robot developed by NAZAJA looks like by watching the following movie.

The smart UGV developed by NAZAJA has 6 wheels and is equipped with an antenna and a small camera. The version equipped with an assault rifle also has a telephoto optical sensor for aiming.

Operating while watching the placement of smart UGV in aerial photography from drone. You can move a robot with firepower remotely without having to go to the site. Samuel Bendett, advisor to the US Navy Analysis Center, speculates that the Iranian Army's smart UGV may be able to run to some extent autonomously.

Smart UGV is at most several tens of centimeters in height and can enter a narrow gap. In the following scene, a smart UGV (red frame) goes under the armored car parked in the desert.

The next moment, the smart UGV was suicide. Smart UGV, which can run unmanned to armored vehicles, is expected as a force for anti-armored vehicles.

In addition, by firing an assault rifle attached to the top, the smart UGV can be used for anti-infantry warfare.

According to Mr. Bendett, the use of such remotely operated unmanned vehicles is not uncommon in the Middle East, and non-national organizations such as ISIS are developing independently from commercial parts. In fact, in September 2019, a Saudi oil facility was bombed by a drone, and a neighboring Yemeni rebel group, the Husi faction, issued a crime statement.

Drone attack on Saudi oil facility, fires in two places Huhsi crime statement 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

Following this air strike, the United States announced economic sanctions against Iran, saying that the “Fushi group is clearly connected to Iran”. In addition, the UK, France and Germany have issued a joint statement that 'Iran is clearly involved in this drone air strike on Saudi Arabia.'

“I don't know if the Iranian army will deploy this smart UGV directly, but the Husi faction may introduce the same type of smart UGV in a conflict with Saudi Arabia,” said Mr. Bendett.

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