What are the features that Google Chrome should incorporate from other browsers?

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Google Chrome uses open source code "ChromiumBecause it is made from "specialized in lightweight and high speedIronThere are countless numbers of derived browsers such as. If Google Chrome is able to incorporate the wonderful aspects of these derived browsers, is not it better to create something better? So Extreme Tech names the three derived browsers.

Features that Google Chrome should steal from other browsers | ExtremeTech

◆ SRWare Privacy function of Iron

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First of all,SRWare Iron. This is a browser focusing on user's privacy. Some people feel uncomfortable about tracking data to Google when installing and using Google Chrome, but turn off features such as search suggestion (input completion), installation tracking, error reporting etc. for such people It is possible to do SRWare Iron. Chrome has an option option "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google", but since SRWare Iron puts more emphasis on privacy,In the first place there are no choices, It will not send statistical data. Google interests are legitimately gathering user data as much as possible, but if you allow Google to turn off tracking, this is very attractive.

◆ Linkage with RockMelt's social network service

There are some histories of the following functions. In 2005,FlockA browser called ___ ___ ___ 0MozillaAn open source HTML rendering engine developed forGecko, And features a smooth collaboration with social networking sites. It is used later in Google Chrome and SafariWebKitIt came to be used, and on April 12, 2011 the publication was stopped, but this spirit was inherited to the next browser.

that isRockMelt. It is a browser with the idea of ​​"social web browser" released for Mac OS X in 2010. This brings Facebook and Twitter together on the interface, making it easier to share web content and discuss it. Currently, people who are registered on Facebook can download only by applying for official website.Chrome Web StoreIt deals with many extended functions, for exampleCortexIs very useful for sharing content on social networks, but these extensions are convenient for sharing content, but can not easily receive the latest version from friends. Google Chrome should emulate the functionality of RockMelt, but in doing so you should further improve the functionality at the end user.

◆ Robin application switching function

FinallyRobinIt is worth paying attention also to the browser called. This browser was originally started with the name Raven, it is known that there is unevenness in the occurrence of problems and updates, and initially even did not function as a download link for the beta version. Google began releasing the application from the web store in 2010, but there was no good way to launch or switch the app to switch browsers. Robin solved this problem. Robin has a bar on the left hand side, it is not only easy to start up and switch applications, it also has navigation functions. With this you can easily switch between the dashboard and edit page, for example when you start Tumbler. It is one possibility that Google should think about switching the application.

StatCounterAccording to the browser market in IE and Google Chrome in close contact with the browser around May 2012, it is now the top browser.

AlsoMarket shareData (desktop machine browser share) is in a position to threaten Firefox in the second position after IE. If we can incorporate the functions mentioned above, Google Chrome's share is expected to expand further.

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