Butter and burned soy sauce Appealing tool Many mushrooms, Sukiya "Three Mushrooms Beef Bowl" Tasting Review

Beef bowl with parsley on three kinds of mushrooms (Elingi, Shimeji, Ehonoki) seasoned with butter and burned soy sauce "Three kinds of mushrooms beef bowlWas released from the house. I decided to try eating with the texture of each of the three kinds of mushrooms and the flavor of butter and scorched soy sauce that is compatible with beef and Uri.

Bring a seasonal mushrooms to butter and savor the flavor of soy sauce House "Three Mushroom Beef Bowls" New Release!

When I looked up at the signboard of Sukiya, I saw "three kinds of mushroom beef bowl" cliff.

I will place an order for the seat. The price of "3 kinds of mushroom beef bowl" is 350 yen including tax, 400 yen for tax included, 500 yen for taxes, 500 yen for taxes, 500 yen for taxes, 500 yen for taxes, 600 yen for taxes, 600 yen for mega and 730 yen for tax It is getting.

The left side is Sheng Sheng, right is the same.

When comparing vessels it is like this.

Although it is brown as a whole because of mushrooms and beef, the green of parsley barely adds color. Since parsley is sorry, it may be nice if you can apply it a bit more overall. However, there are plenty of tools and plenty to eat and it seems likely to respond.

Okay, we will. Feeling that the common mushroom butter saute was put on rice as it was. The flavor of butter and soy sauce fits well with beef bowl and mushrooms and it felt a mellow flavor. Also, the texture of the mushrooms was good, I could taste the shabby feel of Enoki well.

Since the taste of butter and soy sauce also goes well with rice, it seems to be good to eat on the high grade where the rice is being increased.

Although it is a place where it wants punch a little more to 400 yen in parallel, it is enough to enjoy the taste and texture of mushrooms, enough volume.

In addition, I found a paste printed as "customers to everyone" on the door. Because pork has been increased, the price of the soup stock will be increased from Thursday November 25th. Children 's beef bowl, children' s curry etc seem to be changed etc. ProbablyExisting store sales in April - September 2012 declined by 7% from the same period last yearIt seems that it is part of the cause that it is doing.

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